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Price of Solar Inverter Battery in Nigeria 2024

Price of Solar Inverter Battery in Nigeria 2024

Now that most people are turning to the Sun for an alternative source of energy, shops selling products like Solar inverter batteries have witnessed an increased rate of demand from customers in Nigeria. Now, business organizations and even households use solar inverter as a back up or as an alternative source of power in order to run efficiently.

Solar inverter is a better option over the usual electrical inverter. Although, they are often assumed to be the same and used interchangeably, the major difference between the two sources is, solar inverter derives its energy from sun rays and converts it to electric current for use, while the electrical solar depends solely on electricity to store up power in the batteries for future use.

The price of solar inverter battery is also higher than that of an electrical inverter. Your choice of solar inverter should be dependent on the amount of appliances that require electricity in a building. There are different prices of solar inverter for different brands and their level of capacity. We have you covered on the current price of solar inverter in Nigeria.

Price of Solar Inverter Battery in Nigeria

This list may not necessarily cover all the brands available in Nigeria. However, note that every solar inverter has the same function but may have different peculiarities for different brands, which is what really affects the price rates.
Solar Inverter Battery Prices in Nigeria

Bluegate solar

Capacity Price range
1.5KVA/24V ₦87,000 – ₦90,000
2.5KVA/48V ₦200,000 – ₦205,000
10KVA/192V ₦494,000 – ₦500,000

Mecury (Spirit Plus) solar

Capacity Price range
2KVA ₦175,000 – ₦180,000
3KVA ₦185,000 – ₦190,000
5KVA ₦220,000 +

Felicity Solar

Capacity Price range
3.5KVA/24V ₦160 – ₦165,000
5KVA/24V ₦225,000 – ₦240,000
7.5KVA/48V ₦4l350,000 – ₦370,000
10KVA/48V ₦450,000 – ₦455,000

PSC Solar Xantra

Capacity Price range
1.5KVA/24V ₦99,500
2.5KVA/24V ₦215,000 – ₦220,000
3.5KVA/48V ₦290,000 – ₦295,000

Prag Solar

Capacity Price range
1.2KVA/12V ₦60,500 – ₦65,000
2.5KVA/24V ₦200,000
4KVA/25V ₦240,000 – ₦245,000
5KVA/96V ₦315,000 – ₦320,000

Luminos Solar Inverter

Capacity Price range
1.5KVA/24V ₦90,000
850VA/12V ₦60,000 – ₦65,000

Types Of Solar Inverter

There are three different types of solar inverters and they store and transfer electricity through different means.

Grid Tie Inverter

The grid tie inverter can work effectively without batteries because it connects direct to the utility grid. It is designed to convert the direct current into an alternative current, which makes it possible for power to be transmitted into the electrical grid.

Stand Alone Inverter

The stand alone inverter can work off grid. It can convert direct current into alternative current without depending on a utility grid.

Battery Backup Inverter

Battery backup inverter allows space for the installment of large batteries and chargers. It can supply energy to the battery through an on-board charging system and also utilize power stored in the battery.

Price of Solar Inverter Batteries in Nigeria

Inverter batteries play an essential role in storing up power and regulating how the electricity is supplied. They are highly reliable and are safe enough to be kept in the house.
If you have decided to switch your power supply to solar inverter, ensure you apply caution when getting your solar inverter batteries. With the increased rate of fraudulent activities in the county, fake solar inverter batteries may be sold to you and even at a very high cost.
We have provided a list of the best prices of solar inverter in Nigeria, to help you to work within the right budget frame.

Capacity Price Detail
12V, 100Ah ₦60,000 None
12V, 200Ah ₦140,000 Deep cycle inverter battery
12V, 150Ah ₦100,980 Deep cycle inverter battery with button style
200Ah, 2V ₦78,000 Rubitech lead acid battery
24V, 200Ah ₦4,000,000 Long American standard battery
12V, 200Ah ₦130,000 Ride plus tubular inverter battery
12V, 210A ₦140,000 Inverter telecom battery
12V, 220AH ₦110,000 Genus tubular battery
12V, 80AH ₦110,000 AGM inverter battery

Best Solar Inverter Batteries in Nigeria

It is very important you know the battery type suitable for your solar system. Although different solar battery brands have specific applications and features, there are prominent brands of solar inverter batteries that you can hardly go wrong with. So just incase you’re still quite confused about which battery works well for your solar inverter, check out our list of best solar inverter batteries in Nigeria, with their unique features.

Mecury Deep cycle Inverter Battery, Type – 200AH/12V

This brand of inverter can perform efficiently no matter the condition, even in cases of overcharge and intense discharge. It is suitable for both UPS and inverter.

Genus Solar Battery, Type – 220AH/12V

It charges fast and performs efficiently under low maintenance. It has the ability to withstand long and consistent power cuts. Genus solar battery can last for a good number of years compared to the others.

Luminous Solar Battery, Type – 200AH/12V

The luminous Solar battery also has a long life span. It can work efficiently for at least ten years, and offers a one year warranty on purchase. It has a safety valve system which helps it to withstand pressure and avoid causing harm to the environment.

KSTAR Inverter Battery, Type – 200AH/12V

This is another trusted Genus model. It releases gaseous substance when charging to protect the battery from damage. It also has protection against electrolyte leakage. It was designed as a sealed lead-acid inverter battery to prevent penetration of air.

Ride Plus Tubular Inverter Battery, Type – 200AH/12V

It does not require high maintenance and can support subsequent power cuts. It has an indicator for tracking levels with speed. It also has a battery terminal protection paste.

Gacia Inverter Telecom Battery, Type – 210A/12V

This is another brand with a long life span of at least twelve years, and a two years warranty on purchase. It is highly recommended for high performance solar systems, with strong protection against leakage of electrolytes.

Some brands of solar inverter batteries are dramatically more expensive than others, due to their specifications. Brands that have also attained trust and high demand and supply like the Mercury deep cycle, are also more expensive than others. However, we hope our list of the best prices of solar inverter batteries in Nigeria, has been of good help to you. Thank you for reading.

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