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Wallpaper Price and Installation Cost in Nigeria (2024)

Wallpaper Price and Installation Cost in Nigeria (2024)

Wallpaper decoration business is really taking over from its other alternatives like Oil & Emulsion paints, wall Curtains and Tiles. When it comes to modern interior designs and appealing looks, the flexibility and beautiful finishing touches it gives your Living rooms, sit outs or bedrooms speaks volume. It is on this note that we decided to review its various materials and accessories so as to give you a comprehensive idea of what it takes to install, price and also guide you on these wall murals best maintenance practices.

The history of wallpaper is dated back to the Renaissance times. It was adopted by the rich and famous in those days to cover stone walls, reduce passage/loss of heat, and give color to their rooms. Its origin is traceable to England, France and China where it first started serving as a cheap alternative for Tapestries which was at the time only affordable by the elites.

One of the major challenges that we are going to confront is our readers inability to determine the amount of Wallpaper that will be enough for their interior decorations. My clients usually have that issue and because of that, I am going to teach us how to calculate the number of wallpaper rolls required to finish each rooms design. Just before we begin.

Wallpaper roll Size and Dimensions

These wall coverings come in different types and designs, fortunately they are sold in rolls or pieces (sheets) in the markets. For now, they are not made in Nigeria. If your seller sourced wallpapers of any dimension from Europe, the standard length that it will be sold in Nigeria is 10.05 m in width by 0.53 m in height, this amounts to a total of 5 m2. In other words, you can say that the length of wallpaper roll is 10.05 meters. We are presenting the sizes in metric units of measurements, some designers may prefer to present their dimensions in imperial systems like yards or feet and inches.

The dimensions attached to most wallpaper names is the number of angle views from which the picture decoration on the paper can be seen. There are popular dimensions on ground, and they include 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D or even 8D. The number increases as the value increases.

Millimetre (mm) Centimetre (cm) Metre (m)
10050 x 50 1005 x 5 10.05 x 0.05

Before getting to know how much a roll costs, let us determine how many rolls of wallpaper that will be enough for an average room in Nigeria.

During installation, they are usually placed on the floor just immediately above the skirting (if one exists) until it touches the ceiling. Using the standard headroom height in Nigeria which is 3.00 m, you can actually determine exactly the height these papers are going to run by deducting the height already covered by the skirting which is usually not more than 100 mm, but if the wall has no skirting, then the width of the wall multiplied by 3.00 meters gives you the total area in square meters to be covered by wallpapers (when the wall has no other extra openings like doors and windows). Because if they do have these openings, the area covered by the openings must be deducted to be able to know the exact quantities to order for in the markets.

Although extra length of about 100 mm x 6 should be added to 3.00 make up for materials overlapping. Same should be done for the width if need be. If you are wondering how and where I got the 6 from, then you might want to divide the standard room height (3.00) by 0.53. So far, what we have talked about above is just a part of a room (one partition). Rooms are usually rectangular in shape so you have to do the same thing to other parts to know the quantity involved. It is worth the time and energy taken to discuss this before pricing and other details that will ensue.

Price of Buying and Installing Wallpapers in Nigeria 2024

As you know, price differ from state to state and from one locality to another. The good news is that we have computed the price for buying a given roll of wallpapers in the markets across Nigeria and cost of hiring a professional to hang it on your walls. As per our market research, the average price of purchasing a roll of Wallpaper is between ₦4,500 to ₦9,500, while that of installing a roll of Wallpaper is between ₦3,000 to ₦4,000.

A detailed breakdown of the cost of different Kinds of wallpaper is below

Wallpapers Current price per roll
Mylar Wallpapers ₦3,500 – ₦3,600
Printed Wallpapers ₦3,900 – ₦3,300
Vinyl Wallpapers ₦5,500 – ₦6,600
Foil Wallpapers ₦3,500 – ₦4,000
Bamboo Wallpapers ₦7,800 – ₦8,500
Mylar Wallpapers ₦4,200 – ₦5,800
Flock Wallpapers ₦7,000 – ₦8,200

How to install Wallpaper in Nigeria

After buying wallpaper and having decided to do it yourself as opposed to hiring a professional who might end up quoting amounts that are beyond your purchasing power, you can use this beginner’s step by step guide to make it even easier and cheaper for you but there are equipment you will need along the way to make things hassle-free. These tools will help you in measuring, cutting, aligning or hanging the wallpaper smoothly on the wall.

Tools needed for wallpaper installation

Make sure you have most if not all of these items in place before starting.

  • Sandpaper for smoothing surfaces and to reduce bump ups
  • Razor blade or Sharp Knife for cutting
  • A thin Pencil, marker or removable ink to indicate lines
  • Stepladder for climbing heights
  • Wall-covering seam roller
  • A Brush for blending and smoothing the material
  • A platform like Scaffolds for work at heights
  • Wall-covering water tray (pre-pasted only)
  • A Trowel to fill up holes on walls.
  • A Level or Plumb for checking vertical alignment
  • Hand-held Driller or Screwdriver to remove obstacles
  • A measurement Tape
  • A piece of clothe for cleaning things up
  • A paste or adhesive for wallpapers without it

After gathering all of these working materials, let us properly fix the papers on the walls.

Get the walls ready

Remove any dirt on the wall that is originally not a part of it and fill up existing holes or spaces to make up levels (prime) with the help of your Trowel using cement. Don’t forget to sandpaper the wall so as to give it a smooth surface. With the help of your screwdriver or drilling tool as the case may be, remove wall sockets, switches and any other fittings that are not a part of the wall.

Measure out the width to run

With the help of your tape, get the dimension of the total width of any partition that you have decided to start with. It is always advisable to start from one corner of a room and spread from there. The chosen corner all depends on your convenience at it.

Obtain the vertical alignment on the wall

With the use of your Leveling tool or Plumb bob, get a straight vertical line that will intersect with the floor and ceiling at angle 90 and mark it with your pencil of not more than 0.5 thick.

Begin cutting and matching papers according to patterns

There is usually this pleasant look when the patterns of different strips of the wall paper installation match, corresponds. Now you have got to cut it, take note of that and add additional length spacing to each height so as to cover up for error works and trims.

Hanging wallpaper with self adhesives

Some wallpapers now come with its own adhesive, therefore does not need any other glue. In that case, start from the bottom to match the paper while slowing working towards the top.

Wallpaper a wall with top bond

Place the already measured and properly cut sheet of paper side down and gently applying top bond or any other adhesive you might be using. Now using a brush, evenly spread it throughout the area of the strip and go over to the next step.

Finally, install it on the wall

Carefully place the piece of paper on the wall while using the roller on it to dismiss every air bubble and “wrinkles”. If you notice any unpleasant development on the strip, remove it from the wall and try doing it again.

When you meet windows, sockets, switches or any of its kind, mark out the space to be cropped out later.

After that, trim the overlap towards the ceiling that you once gave an extra height in case of errors.

At this stage, you should be having a pleasant looking and well-installed wallpaper for yourself. Remember to continue to repeat the process unroll you cover the whole room as you intend.

Maintenance of Wallpaper

Wallpapers have a very long-lasting lifespan of more than 15 years. If properly installed and maintained, they are cost-effective on the long run as more than to Paints which incur repainting from time to time.

Wallpapers just like paints are not suitable for buildings in swampy areas with low oversight ground floor base because it makes the adhesives holding them in position to be weak and result in peeling off.

It is recommended that you maintain wall finishes like paints and wallpapers from time to time for sparkling looks and to avoid rapid loss in value. First of all, dust the wall with a broom wrapped in a microfiber cloth, Pour 1 gallon of water in a clean container and add ¼ cup of mild dish soap to it. stir it thoroughly to ensure even distribution and clean with soft brush or sponge to avoid scratches on its surfaces.

Regular care is necessary to keep the Wallpaper looking beautiful for a very long time.

customized wallpaper designs

Types of Wallpaper Materials in Nigeria

There are a number of forms in which you can find wallpapers in the market. These are the raw types which are usually in their original states and ready to be designed to look and feel better than they were made. Their application is very much unlimited, go ahead and check them out below.

Paper Murals

This is actually one of the oldest type of wallpaper. Even from the name, what looked like newspapers were before now used to paste on plastered walls to make it look good. Although they are easy to scratch, damage and coupled with the fact their maintenance is difficult to undergo since it should not take water, the astonishing beauty it adds to the room was actually why many home owners adopted it. It is made of paper and it is cheap. It is still available in the markets today in the form of murals. Separate glues are bought alongside these papers to make it adhere to the walls.

Vlies (non-woven)

When privacy becomes paramount, then you will have to look out for wallpapers made with Vlies material in it. It helps in soundproofing and heat insulation which happens to be the main reason it was adopted by the rich people back in the Renaissance period. Although its refined product is new in the market, but its demand is on the increase owing to the numerous advantages attached to it. They are maintenance ready, easy to install and much flexible. The material is gotton from non-wovens pulp (cellulose) and synthetic (vinyl) fibers pressed together, they are therefore classified as non-woven wallpapers. When glued to the wall, it takes a firm position while allowing the permeability of air and water.

Recoatable designs

These are Wallpapers in its raw form. They are made so that buyers can customise as they wish. It is mostly whitish in color and without much designs attached to it. The were meant to receive paints and also adhesives that will make them stick to the wall. Severally, they have been arrogated to be a non-woven kind of Vlies. With this material, be rest assured that you can design it to your taste to look like other wall decoration patterns in the market today like wood and stucco.

Vinyl (PVC)

Due to the need to keep the room clean, neat or even tidy, and because of the various maintenance shortcomings of most of the existing types of material, manufacturing companies began integrating PVC to the paper base of wallpapers so as to make it fit for future market demands like durability which enhanced its scratch resistance ability, maintainability, increased waterproof properties & added heat insulation features. The more the layers of PVC added to the paper base, the better these properties of Vinyl become. Unlike its alternatives, Vinyl papers can easily be applied on rough surfaces like concrete, steel, plaster, drywall or Formica. One other useful advantage of PVC wallpapers is that they can serve as a cover up for minor construction inefficiencies on the wall.

Having taken a look at some of its advantages, let us briefly discuss its disadvantages that might make you want to dumb this type for another material. Just like every plastic material out there, Vinyl (PVC) wallpapers emit certain unpleasant odours that might make it unsuitable to be exposed to children or for bedroom use. They present a difficult process of installation or removal since its paper backing are as weak as the paper wall hangings material

Fabric materials

This type is one of the most expensive and at the same time exotic of wallpaper materials today. It is made of textile weaving. It is of class, sound proofing and helps to maintain room temperature. You may be wondering how a clothing material will get to adhere to walls, the good news is that it a good number of it in the market now has a thin Vynil layer to achieve that.

Pictures of Wallpaper designs

Sitting room TV wallpaper
Television set designed with wallpaper in the sitting room
5D wallpaper design for Living room
Custom 5d Wallpaper design for living room
Waterproof Marble Wallpaper price in Nigeria
Waterproof Marble Wallpaper design in Toilet
Kitchen wallpaper design idea
3d Wallpaper design in the Kitchen
restroom 4d Wallpaper design
Classic restroom 4d Wallpaper design
Indian Dinning room design with wallpaper
Indian Dinning room design with wallpaper

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