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How to get a flatmate, roommate in Lagos

There is always a time when you need to travel to Lagos for one reason or the other in search for greener pastures especially when you are a fresh graduate looking for a job. Putting your economic and logistics factors into consideration, you may conclude that looking for a roommate or a flatmate is the best thing to do (sometimes to help you save more money).

You are not alone in this, because I was once in your shoes wondering where I can get a suitable roommate in Eko city that can accommodate me for a while. It was in this process that I got to know that a lot of room owners in Lagos are seriously looking for interested partners to share their spaces with.

After passing through the stress of getting a like-minded fellow, I said to my self that I will write to make sure that no one who visits the online space will ever find it difficult finding a flatmate anywhere in Nigeria again. Although this article seeks to give solution to that of Lagos, but the idea gotten after reading it can still be applied or extended to Abuja, Port harcourt, Onitsha, Kano, Aba, Kaduna and more commercial cities in Lagos where influx of people is on the increase on daily basis.

Tools I use in searching for a roommate

  • Facebook
  • Erasmusu
  • Nairaland

I know you might be wondering how the above list got to help me. It is simple and straight forward. Roll with me as I dish out how these websites helped me secure an accommodation.

Facebook Groups

You might not know the importance of some of the facebook groups that you have joined until they get to help you solve one problem or the other. When I realized that joining groups of interest can be handy in connecting with people across the country, I used it extensively to meet and talk with house owners who connected me to exactly the kind and types of roommate I was looking for.

Erasmusu Online finder

The most interesting thing about this online space is that male and female singles come here to search also. They describe the type of person they want to live in the same house and of course under the same roof with. If such an offer suits you or you happen to fall into the category they want, Erasmusu helps you connect to these potential roomates easily.  In fact, Erasmusu has established itself to be a force to be reckoned with in finding living spaces and connecting singles in a relationship to their desired partners around the country and beyond. 

Nairaland Forum

As I was searching, I came across this post on Nairaland where Nigerians were discussing available rooms for graduates who may have been in Lagos looking for Job. Even if you are not a graduate, you can still find like-minded people who are willing to let you in as far as you meet their other various criteria.

Tips to finding a Trustworthy roommate

One of the most important but difficult tasks in this quest is a trustworthy mate. Though not easy, but it is very possible to find someone who will have your back. Before letting in, follow these steps.

  1. Ask for a meet
  2. Try to know the individual’s areas of interests (likes and dislikes)
  3. Determine & locate the person’s roots (just in case things get out of hand)
  4. Ask your friends what they think about the person (if time permits)
  5. Trade cautiously and keep your terms of agreement safe and secure.

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