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Nadia Zaal net worth, wedding, family, age

Here goes the profile of a Dubai beauty, daughter, wife and business mogul whose ingenuity in Real estate development has put her name to limelight in the United Arab Emirates construction industry and beyond. Nadia Zaal is a co-founder of Emirati entrepreneur and Zaya Nurai Island launched in 2014 which contains 23 residential houses built on top of water and accompanied by other food and beverage facility features.

Currently, she is the group Director of FIVE Holdings, as well as maintaining her status as a dedicated developer in UAE who turns a client’s brief to beautiful and outstanding designs and oversees its progress from inception to completion.

Some of her noteworthy endeavors include

  • Active involvement in the Asian power sector like the GCC energy.
  • Board member of Taweelah Asia Power Company after project completion in the Gulf.
  • In the housing and accommodation sector, she has influenced real estate projects including the AED 7.3 billion Al Barari project
  • She has shares with Zaya Abu Dhabi a realtor company that owns the famous hotel and resorts, Nurai Island
Real Name Nadia Zaal
Gender Female
Organization FIVE Holdings
Job Title Group Director
Age 41
Net worth $8.5 billion
Nationality United Arab Emirates
Instagram @nadiazaal
Wikipedia Kabir (husband), Bin Zaal (father)

Nadia Zaal family

nadia zaal with family at emirates palace hotel abu dhabi
The Zaal family history is traceable to early 19th century in the Middle East country. Nadia’s grand-father, Zaal Mohammed Zaal, a Cambridge university alumnus is the founder of the famous property developer company Al Barari which was later handed over to his son, Zaal bin Zaal as the CEO.

Nadia Zaal father and mother

Al Barari Zaal bin Zaal
Nadia’s father is Zaal bin Zaal (the chief executive officer of Al Barari) while her mother is Leslie Zaal (British), the manager of the Villa’s interior designs. The luxury developer-family has in extension their daughter, Kamelia as the project’s creative landscape director.

Going forward, after leaving London School of Economics, she secured a job with Dubai government specifically in the Power sector. That employment she later left to do exactly what her family is known for, which is luxury buildings designs and construction.

Nadia Zaal wedding with Kabir Mulchandani

The Indian-born SKAI Holding founder, Kabir Mulchandani divorced his first wife after been acquitted of charges that landed him in Dubai prison in the first place. Some years after, he got married to Nadia Zaal. The prison experience he attested to have helped him change his views on certain areas of life. Somewhere in 2012, the wedding officially held and they lived happily ever after. The couple is blessed with four children.

Nadia Zaal net worth

Having looked at her economic endeavors, Nadia Zaal’s net worth is estimated to be $8.5 billion USD. Her financial worth is not in any way made available to us, the figure above is what we make out of her investments so far.

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