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Cost of Shipping Cars from USA to Nigeria 2024

Cost of Shipping Cars from USA to Nigeria 2024

The rate of importation into Nigeria is on the high side since becoming a means of livelihood through shipment of some basic amenities. Consequently, most of the automobiles used in Nigeria are gotten through importation possibly because there are no favourable conditions for them to be manufactured within the county. In 2018, the importation of motor vehicles in the country had a share of about 73%.

This goes to give an insight on the quantity of cars shipped into Nigeria annually. However the process and cost of shipping cars from USA to Nigeria has become tedious and quite expensive.

So, this article takes you through a careful guide on the cheapest mode of transporting cars from America to Nigeria, the cost of clearing cars in Nigeria, car shipping companies from USA to Nigeria and other necessary procedures/requirements you need to know on this subject.

Top Car Shipping Companies from USA to Nigeria

The question of how can I buy a car from USA has already been answered by digital technology and online platforms. You can use your smart phones, laptop or iPad to bid a car from any online auction website.
After buying your choice car, the next factor to consider while preparing a financial budget for shipping your car, is the shipping company that would deliver it to Nigeria.

There are two prominent companies that are worthy of recommendation. They are;

    • Courier Services Limited

Courier service was established in 2009, and has remained reliable over the years. Some of the best courier service in Nigeria are DHL, FedEx, DTDC and XpressBees.

    • GIG Logistics

GIG is a prominent transport company, existing since 2012. The company carries out car shipping to over a 100 hundred countries, and the shipping cost is determined by weight.

Method of Shipping Cars from USA to Nigeria

There are two common methods of shipping cars.

  1. RoRo Shipping to Nigeria: The cheapest mode of transporting cars from America to Nigeria is by Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo). It also has a more predictable and reliable arrival time and departure time.
    With RoRo shipping from USA to Nigeria, the car has minimum chances of being exposed to the ocean. It is tied to the security platform provided, and would be driven to and off the ship. Hence, the car is required to be in working condition before shipping.
  2. Container shipping: Container Shipping could be either shared container or exclusive container.Shared container simply indicates that the container carries different cars for different people. Due to this, the container has to be full before the cars can be shipped. The arrival and departure time is quite unpredictable, which makes this means a major disadvantage.The exclusive container shipping on the other hand, offers reservation for just one car to be shipped. This makes it the most expensive method of shipping cars. It is usually for exotic cars like Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini and so on.


Shipping Cost from USA to Nigeria

The average cost of shipping cars from USA to Nigeria is $1000 to $2,000. There are factors responsible for the difference in prices.
These factors are:

  • The part of USA that you’re shipping the car from
  • The shipping method
  • The type of car you’re shipping

Here is a list of price range for shipping cars from different parts of USA.

  • Cost of shipping a car from Texas to Nigeria – $2000,000
  • From Maryland to Nigeria – $2,000 to $3,450
  • From Florida to Nigeria – $1,000 to $2,950
  • From Carlifornia to Nigeria – $4,000

What you Need to Know about the Cost of Shipping Cars to Nigeria

For security and accountability reasons, it is advisable for one to be well informed on how the price you pay for shipping your car is channeled.

  1. The shipping cost is paid to the foreign country
  2. The cost covers VAT, custom duty and levy
  3. You are to pay charges to the shipping company, upon delivery
  4. If you are buying through an auction abroad, you will be charged auction fees
  5. You are in charge of the cost that goes to shipping and clearing agents.

Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria

The responsibility of clearing cars before they are allowed into the country, is carried out by the Nigerian Customs Service (NSC).

Formerly, the cost of clearing a car was dependent on the year the car was manufactured and the size of the car. So newly manufactured cars were more expensive.

But with the recent policy, the cost now depends on the total value of the car.
Here is a list of some popular cars in Nigeria and their current clearing cost.

  • Toyota Venza 2010 – N4,000,000
  • Toyota Sienna 2004 – N5,000,000
  • Toyota Highlander – N7,000,000
  • Toyota Camry 2003 – N2,000,000
  • Toyota Camry hybrid 2010 – N3,000,000
  • Toyota Camry 2007-2008 – N2,000,000
  • Toyota Corolla 2004 – N2,000,000
  • Toyota Corolla 2005 – N2.500,000
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 – N3,000,000
  • Hyundai Sonata – N3,500,000
  • Hyundai Elantra 2013-2016 – N4,300,000
  • Kia Optima 2012 – N3,200,000
  • Ford Focus 2012 – N4,400,000
  • Benz ML – N6,000,000
  • Acura MDX 2009 – N2,400,000
  • Acura TSX – N8,000,000
  • Acura MDX 2008 – 3,000,000
  • Lexus RX 300 – N7,000,000
  • Mazda 6 2004 – N1,200,000
  • Mazda 3 SV – N2,200, 000

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does it take to ship a car from USA to Nigeria?
It takes about 20 days to ship a car from USA to Nigeria. Although the shipping method used may affect the number of days it takes to arrive Nigeria. The shortest duration of days is 18days, while the longest is 48 days.
Note that there is only one arrival port for car shipping in Nigeria. It is located in Apapa, Lagos State. It is also known as the Premiere Port or Apapa Quays.

How long does it take a cargo ship from USA to Nigeria?
It takes a month and sometimes 2 extra weeks, making it a range of 4 – 6 weeks for a container to land Nigeria. The extra weeks required are used for clearing the car at the Nigerian Custom Service (NCS).

USA cars have overtime proven to be strong and durable. Hence, they have a higher level of patronage.

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