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Price of Air, Sea shipping from China to Nigeria 2023

Transportation of goods, either by Sea or Air has been the driver of every nation’s economic development; the current shipping activities involved in global trade and commerce proves that a lot. International Logistics has largely succeeded in bridging the long-distance gap that exist between sources of raw materials and/or finished goods to their point of consumption from one country to another.

It has indeed made it possible for centers of production to be located very far away from the Consumer markets unlike the period preceding the industrial revolution of the 1800’s when production and consumption were located as close as possible owing to the slowness and prohibitive costs of transport.

As a world economic power, China houses a good percentage of world’s daily trading activities that span industries like automobiles, manufacturing, technology and many more. This is evident in some of China’s largest companies like Tencent, Alibaba Group and Sinopec.

There are basically four modes of transportation in China, they are movement by Sea, by Air, by Road and by Rail. In the case of shipping from China to Nigeria, the available modes are just two: by Air and Sea.

Modes of Shipping in China

Shipping by Sea

This mode of transport has a singular advantage, which is that the weight of the carriage vehicle (Ship) is naturally supported by water and again, its carrying capacity is very high not minding that the route through which ship sails require little or no physical maintenance at all.
Besides, the actual cost of running the sea mode of transport, that is: Bunker fuels, lubricants and crew wages, tend to be relatively low per unit of the weight of freight carried onboard the ship

Shipping by Air

Airfreight is largely essential and commonly utilized in the carriage of high value products and for faster or timely delivery.
According to research less than two percent of the world transport by volume is freighted by air, the running cost of air Transport tend to be extremely high.

Shipping by Road or Rail

These provides the highest degree of flexibility amongst all transportation modes. Goods freighted by rail, roads via train or vehicles respectively could be delivered anywhere as long as there exists a road, street, track or pathway leading the proposed destination. In fact, road means in particular has been dubbed the door-to-door transportation.

Means of Shipping Containers from China to Nigeria

There are Courier companies like FedEx, DHL & UPS that freight faster from China to Nigeria within 2 – 6 business days. The problem is that they are not so cheap. On the other hand, you can use Cargo shipping companies to move your goods in 2 – 6 weeks by Sea or in 1 week by air to save cost. What actually takes most of the time is Loading, Offloading, Clearance in ports by the Customs and other Documentations that will ensue. For importation into Apapa wharf in Lagos, Nigeria; shipping by Sea is cheaper than that of air. For faster delivery, you can instead employ the services of Forwarders who understand the best routes and logistics companies to use.

If you can’t afford the available freight shipping companies in Nigeria, you can make use of the Chinese, Hong Kong post services which is way cheaper but takes more time on transit, usually 3 – 5 weeks. It is the best for small-scale shipments. A major setback is that goods are slow to track and may get misplaced before arrival.

Shipping Containers from China to Nigeria

Cost of Shipping from China to Nigeria

The cost of shipping from China to Nigeria through Lucas cargo and Shipping by sea is 210 USD per CBM, while their air freight is 9.8 USD per kg for Guangzhou goods. Clearing cost is ₦500 per kg for air goods and ₦100,000 per CBM for sea goods.

Shipping agents from China to Nigeria

There are many freight forwarders, shipping agents and Logistics companies in China. In case you are looking for one to import from China, we recommend Lucas Cargo in China.

Lucas Cargo is situated in Guangzhou in China, once you bring your shipment to their office and invoice will be given to you containing the number of cartons and the date of shipment, Lucas cargo is very fast both air freight and sea freight.

Lucas Cargo Offices in Nigeria

Lucas offices are everywhere in Lagos: Oshodi, Mushin, Arena, Alaba international, Island, trade Fair office, Onitsha etc, The company’s Head office exists at no 1 Ola Adeshile street by stop over hotel junction, Airport road, Ajao Estate.
For all your shipments from China to Nigeria, contact this reliable agent: 07085076794

In summary, you would want to use a logistics company that makes use of e-shipping. E-shipping involves the use of modern day technology to enhance shipment of goods from one country to another.
This involves monitoring of goods like tracking devices to know exactly where these containers are at every point in time.


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  1. Lucas shipping is where in onitsha?

  2. Pls I want to ship some phones from China to Nigeria how do I go about it from Lucas shipping what is the address in guanzhou

  3. What’s your contact address for Onitsha and cartons price per CBM

    • Contact the number in this particular post. The branch managers number is there. He’ll let you know if they have branch in Onitcha.

  4. i want to send goods from china to nigeria
    do you habe a branch in jos or abuja

  5. Please can Guangzhou goods ship goods including children tab and ringlight from China to Lagos?

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