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Top 10 Best Online Platforms to Sell Phones for Free

Top 10 Best Online Platforms to Sell Phones for Free

Here, we’ll give you the top 10 best online platforms to sell phones for free. Are you prepared to buy a new phone? Wait to sell your old phone. You lose out on a lot of money by trading in your phone. Additionally, selling your phone is much easier than you may imagine. You can consider using several well-known platforms to sell phones online.

Check out the Top 10 Online Platforms to Sell Phones for Free.

Best Online Platforms to Sell Phones for Free in Nigeria

There are a couple of trustworthy platforms where you can sell your products in Nigeria.

BetaSales Nigeria

BetaSales Online Marketplace is one of the most reliable online platform where you buy and sell anything in Nigeria for FREE. It’s a platform where every seller has full control of his/her products. At BetaSales, you can sell any kind of mobile Phones and tablets, other Products, people sell used cars, laptops and computers, beauty products, phones, etc. You can sell real estate property and also advertise jobs and other services. You can equally advertise your CV on BetaSales. Buyers contact sellers directly and the platform has an effective way of detecting seller fraud on the website.


Jumia prides itself on being the largest online platform in Nigeria and is well renowned for offering fantastic prices due to its constantly decreasing pricing strategy. Phones, laptops, and other things are available on the Jumia marketplace, an online store.

Jumia guarantees that the things you purchase are authentic. Jumia collaborates with some of the biggest companies in the world to offer gadgets at unbeatable pricing. Jumia also has an excellent return policy, which is another plus. It says a lot that phones are among the most popular product categories on the website.

Priced Sales

A wide variety of used technology is bought and sold on The website provides one of the simplest methods for selling your phone online.

Enter your phone’s model and condition into the search bar. Priced Sales provides you with a pre-paid postage label once you submit the information. Package your products and send them out for no cost.

Priced Sales will send you a revised estimate if the condition of your phone differs from what you put on the website. After you agree to the increased pricing, you’ll quickly receive payment.


According to Jiji, it is the ideal location to sell stuff to actual people. That’s accurate. Jiji offers the chance to purchase or sell almost everything.

It includes but is not limited to homes, automobiles, appliances, and phones and laptops. Since it began operating in 2014, Jiji has served as a hub for connecting buyers and sellers of smartphones and computers.

It’s well known that Jiji sells things that have been utilized before. Jiji could be a terrific resource for purchasing old computers and phones from the UK. Jiji operates in a reasonably straightforward manner. Therefore, parties to transactions must exercise extra caution. The administrator recommends postponing payments until the product is received and verified as fit.

One thing recommended when using Jiji is to provide evaluations for items purchased, which is a fantastic method to ensure the platform is safe.


Like its main rival, Jumia, Konga is one of the leading players in the Nigerian e-commerce market. It began operations in 2012, and ever since then, it has focused on giving customers a simple purchasing experience.

Konga recently developed a platform so that more shops could show off their goods. Kong wants to assist vendors in reaching as many customers as possible with their product displays. In addition, Konga operates retail locations across the nation.

Phones and laptops were among the first devices to be made available for purchase on Konga, which is one of the criteria for inclusion on this list. This shows that the business has some level of mastery. With its order monitoring feature, seven-day return policy, and committed customer care support, Konga positions itself as one of the top marketplaces for buying and selling electronic devices.


Consider Naijagadgets as an online showroom for electronics; it is an online marketplace for phones, computers, and other gadgets. This is one of the main benefits Naijagadgets provides. Naijagadgets’ dedication to ensuring that all products displayed on the website are from reliable and verified sources sets them apart from other companies in the market.

Naijagadgets’ ability to connect you to your favorite local retailers and their stock availability is another excellent feature. Isn’t that incredible? The platform provides a venue for reputable businesses of all stripes to display their goods. Whether it’s well-known online retailers or a private seller who wants to offer a phone or laptop for sale


SellCell searches through numerous buyback websites to evaluate prices to find the best offer for your cell phone. Think of it as Kayak or Expedia for old phones. The website makes it simple to compare pricing quickly because it does so for 40 different repurchase firms.

Compared to other websites, SellCell accepts a narrower selection of gadgets. You can find buyers for various gadget categories, such as tablets, game consoles, and mobile devices. If you only have a few products to sell, though, it’s convenient.

Find the model of your handset and provide any necessary information to sell your phone. From a selection of websites, you can select one. Just use the site you choose to complete the selling process after that.


Nairaland, arguably Africa’s most significant online community, makes it simple to do tasks, including selling products to potential customers. Nairaland allows you to sell nearly anything you want by posting it there. Those who are interested will comment on it, and you’ll receive feedback. is a trendy forum and a lively marketplace where you may sell your old phones, but you should exercise extreme caution. If you already have an account, you may promote your old phone in the Nairaland Phones section, which makes selling on Nairaland very simple and easy.

Slot. ng

One of Nigeria’s largest electronic device retailers is called Slot. ng, and it has offices nationwide, including those in Lagos.

Slot. ng, a reliable online platform where you can buy now and pay later without worrying, also provides a service called Trade-in/Buyback, which enables you to sell your old phones in working order and get a new one with a modest bonus added to the price you received from selling your old one.

You must visit any nearby Slot office with your used phone and the receipt to sell it; the receipt is required only for security purposes. It’s a secure and dependable option to purchase a new phone for yourself and sell your old one to Slot. ng.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a well-liked trend in Nigeria right now because it lets you sell anything new or used online and is referred to as a marketplace. In reality, auto dealers have sold their vehicles online using this platform. You only need to sign into your Facebook app to access the marketplace and offer your gadget for sale if you have new or used mobile phones you’d like to sell in Nigeria.

It’s free to use Facebook Marketplace and relatively simple to find buyers for your smartphone there. All you have to do is upload a clear picture of your phone, choose the appropriate categories for that item, and write a selling price and description to let customers know more about the gadget. When you’ve finished, wait for Facebook Messenger messages from possible clients.


Efritin is another area to pay attention to; it’s one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing e-marketplaces and an excellent spot to sell your used phones whenever you want. Because prospective customers will notice your ads and contact you immediately, our website will let you create an advertisement for whatever you want to sell.

You can always visit the Efritin website on your phone or computer. Selling your old phones is quite simple there, and it’s a great location you can rely on to sell them, as well as any other essential equipment you want to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer Apple my outdated iPhone?

You may get a terrific return for your old iPhone and use it toward a new one with Apple Trade In. And everything may be done online or at an Apple Store. If your gadget is not creditable, we will recycle it at no cost.

Is Swappa a reputable website?

The most secure marketplace for used technology is Swappa. Our support and moderation team works around the clock to keep you safe. We have stringent listing rules that weed out garbage gadgets.

Where can I sell my unlocked iPhone for the most money?

Selling your phone on online marketplaces like BetaSales.Ng, eBay or Amazon Marketplace is common. The majority of the sale price of your phone is yours to keep, and if you sell it in an eBay auction, you may make even more cash than you bargained for.


People no longer have to worry when buying or selling goods online. The use of social media platforms and e-commerce businesses has simplified everything.

You will, without a doubt, find this article simple and helpful. Please note that the online platforms included here are solely for informational purposes and were all selected based on their merits and customer reviews.

Originally posted 2023-06-27 20:56:00.

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