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Price of Cockrel in Nigeria 2024

Price of Cockrel in Nigeria 2024

Cockerel farming is a very lucrative agribusiness that can make you wealthy and change your status for life, many people (both employed and those yet to be employed are benefiting from this lucrative business.

But you can’t just go into any business without researching or knowing the business you are going into especially when it has to do with agriculture. This detailed article will take you through all you need to know before going into cockerel farming.

Profitability Of Cockerel Farming

The term cockerel refers to “male chicken” so cockerel farming can be termed as the rearing and producing of cockerels either as a source of meat as well as selling them out to people to generate income.

Cockerel farming is a very profitable business because anybody who is into this business can never be poor as far as you seek the knowledge from an expert or an experienced farmer in the field. some of the reasons why cockerel farming is profitable are as follows:

  • They’re very easy to feed: cockrels can eat anything you give them. From 3 weeks, you can start formulating cheap feeds for your cockrels and they’ll eat. You can mix a bag of Nestle brewery waste with half bag of feed to serve 1000 cockrels and they’ll be doing fine instead of buying expensive feeds everyday.


  • Cockerel are been purchased on daily basis. Meat from cockerel is eaten mostly by everyone due to its low in cholesterol and fat when compared to broiler.


  • They can be kept as a source of livelihood. Many farmers are earning big from cockerel farming while others are producing it intensively to meet the constant supply of meat.


  • They can be kept as a source of cash in case of an emergency. Most farmers especially those in rural areas often keep cockerels as a source of income, this implies that they are kept under the free-range system of production and sold for cash whenever there is an emergency.


  • Their feces can be used as organic fertilizer on farms. This is highly profitable for those producing cockerels under an intensive system of production, you benefit from the sale of the stocks as well as their feces which tends to be highly valued as organic fertilizer.


  • As an expert, you can use cockerel for crossbreeding purposes. If you’re  experienced in the field of animal breeding, you will earn massively because this is a skill that requires expertise and fewer farmers are in the field of breeding.


  • Requires less capital to start. This applies only to those producing cockerels under a free-range system of production. You don’t need much capital to start; also feeding them is also minimal compared to broiler and layer production.


Type Of Cockerels In Nigeria

These are mainly black and white cockerel

Black cockerel

Black cockerels are relatively the best for beginners due to their less input requirement. They are black in color (not mainly black), there are easily handled as there are friendly and easy-going. They are large in size and also heavy. They tend to have soft feathers with a bit taller tail than the white breeds. Such breeds of black cockerel are

  • Ayam cemani
  • Ancona
  • Cochin
  • Breda
  • Jersey giant
  • Silkie
  • Australop
  • Sumatra
  • La flèche

White cockerel

White cockerels are usually white in color and are much smaller than black cockerels. These breeds are very noisy, they don’t like confinement as they are good foragers, they move around the backyard and within the surrounding in search of feed to eat, this makes them grow well. Such breeds include:

  • White Araucana
  • Yokohama
  • White leghorn
  • Sultan
  • Rholand island white
  • Plymouth rock
  • Sussex.


Difference Between Black And White Cockerel

The major similarities between white and black cockerels are as follows:

  • Black cockerels are more resistant to diseases than white cockerels.
  • Black cockerels are more efficient in terms of feed conversion than a white cockerel.
  • The white cockerel dislikes confinement while the black cockerel can be confined as far as feed would be efficient.
  • Lastly, they are mostly preferred by consumers.

How To Make Cockerels Grow Faster

  • Their feed should be well balanced and highly nutritious. The feed to be given must be well formulated to meet their nutritional needs.
  • Cockerels should be sorted based on size. Cockerels of different ages should not be kept together in the same pen to prevent cannibalism and even the spread of disease.
  • Efficient space should be provided. Aside from feeding well, they need efficient space to exercise their self. If adequate space is not provided, the growth rate would be low as well as ventilation required for their growth. This applies to farmers under intensive cockerel production.
  • Biosecurity. The most important part of any livestock farming, you have to take measures to prevent disease occurrence on the farm either through proper sanitation, strict hygiene, and regular vaccination at the appropriate time.

Price Of Cockerels In Nigeria.

The price of the cockerel in Nigeria is dependent on the size you are buying and the location you are purchasing from. On average the price of the cockerel in Nigeria ranges between N120 to N10000 depending on the source you are purchasing and the management equipped.

Price Of Day Old Cockerels (DOC)

Day-old cockerels (DOC) are very cheap to buy all do, you can only purchase them in a cartons. DOCS are not sold individually. The average price of day old cockrel in Nigeria is between N3000 to N4000 per carton as at May 2022.

MU-IMMACULATE AGRO SUPPLIERS is highly recommended in terms of day old cockrel supplies. They’ll give you quality DOC. We also have thousands of 3 weeks to 1 month old cockrels for sale.

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: +234703840898

Price Of Adult Cockerels

Adult cockerels are been sold at an affordable price everyone can afford depending on the size you have an interest in. On average, the price of an adult cockerel in Nigeria ranges from N4000 to N10000 depending on the size.

Note: Before you purchase any cockerel, make sure you are buying from a certified and reputable source (this only applies to those buying day old).

Final Word

Cockerel farming is one of the best agribusinesses everyone can venture into even with low capital or without any prior knowledge. Many are into these businesses and are earning to solve their financial needs and have no regret being cockerel farmers.

You can decide either free-range, intensively, or extensively and say bye to poverty as others benefiting from this same business have don

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