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Price of refilling Cooking Gas per kg in Nigeria (2021)

Cooking gas has really taken over most Nigerian Kitchens from the traditional way of burning Firewood, Charcoal to Kerosene powered stoves. The reason why most cooks prefer the technology behind this Liquefied Petroleum Gas is because unlike the traditional methods, this byproduct of natural gas is cheaper, lasts longer and its usage does not dirty cooking pots. It is fast, odourless and can efficiently be used indoors thereby conforming to its modern-day use. Thus, the reason for its increased market demand.

The usage of cooking gas has become more important now that there is need to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions going into the air. This is an alternative way of protecting the earth and its climate from the hazardous effects of the green house gases since this by-product of crude oil emits a smokeless pale blue flame (under normal circumstances).

Since LPG can easily escape into thin air, they are stored in thick layered, secure metallic containers called gas cylinders which protect users from explosions. These cylinders come in different sizes depending on the maximum weight in kg of Propane it was designed to contain under pressure. As a result, cooking gas are now sold in weights (kg) like 12.5kg, 5kg, 3kg, 10kg, even 25kg and 50kg and so on are available for industrial uses too.

For the purpose of this review, we will limit our discussion to quantities reserved for domestic uses only, and the quantities include 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 10kg and 12.5kg.

Average price of Cooking gas in Nigeria

We have conducted our market research which shows the various costs of cooking gas in Nigeria. The average price of cooking gas per kg is ₦750 in Nigeria today. This is what retailers sell it in the black market and it is subject to changes due to price fluctuations overtime. However, prices differ across filling stations from state to state in the federation.

Cylinder (kg) Current Price
1kg ₦800
2kg ₦1,600
3kg ₦2,400
5kg ₦4,500
6kg ₦4,800
10kg ₦8,000
12kg ₦9,600
12.5kg ₦10,000
50kg ₦40,000

This is the updated cost of gas refill in November 2021.

Refilling 12.5kg Gas cylinder today

Our top pick today happens to be this popular Cylinder size that weighs 12.5 kg. Most homes prefer this size because it is not quick to finish, lasts longer and comes with cooking gas accessories. To most cooks, filling this 12.5kg gas affords them longer time before the need for another routine comes up, hence the high demand for it. Currently, the average price of refilling a 12.5kg gas cylinder in Nigeria today is ₦8,125 only.

Cooking gas price in Nigeria

How long each kg of gas cylinder lasts

Typically, the time a cylinder of cooking gas gets to finish depends on usage. But to be more specific with our answers, we have carried out a research that shows the amount of time in hours that a given Kg of LPG is expected to get exhausted. According to a recent gas consumption study carried out by Betaprices Research Team, we fund out that 1 kg of cooking gas lasts for a total of 7.5 hours. We did this by switching ON the Burner just after refilling the cylinder and we got a total of 7 hours and 30 minutes til its usable contents got exhausted. Therefore, if you multiply 7.5 hours by the number of Kg you intend to determine its running duration, you will be able to know the total amount of time it will take to empty any refilled cylinder if left to run non-stop.

Gas safety precautions

Gases are mainly used for heating purposes, just like its alternatives like Petrol fuel, they are highly hazardous and should be handled with utmost care. Users should know that they are much inflammable and should not be allowed direct access to Sun rays. When preparing your dishes with it, make sure your mobile phones are not close by. Before use, light the gas from a distance so as not to burn your face in case of any eventuality. After use, make sure you properly turn of the Burner, dismantle and cleanup the Grill from debris and other contaminating materials.

In all, your safety should be a priority.

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  2. How much refiling of cooking gas in Kaduna

  3. The time it will take1kg of cooking gas is also dependent on the volume released. The greater the volume, the shorter the burning time and vice versa.

  4. We need to have WhatsApp group so we can information all gas seller both plant and distributor seller


    Advent of cooking gas has led many homes and even local people to drop kerosene stove because it was discovered to be more economical than kerosene. But recently the price of cooking gas has skyrocketed
    to the extent it’s almost becoming unaffordable coupled with the prices of farm products that have increased in market.
    If the price of cooking gas continues to increase it’s certain many local people will be forced to look for alternative.
    The question is what’s is likely to be the alternative when cooking gas is becoming unaffordable without necessarily reversing to charcoal. Kerosene is also a no go area as it’s rivalry with cooking gas in terms of prices.

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