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Current Cost of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria 2024

The importance and need to have water always available for use either for commercial purposes or for self consumption led to the discovery of the borehole drilling system which ensures the availability of water in the tank. Due to high cost of fuel in the country, relying only on generator for pumping water may be a wasteful one since you can easily save more money just by getting a solar system which makes use of solar energy to pump water.

Borehole drilling in Nigeria can only be done with two methods namely, the Manual drilling method and the Heavy duty drilling method. Please note that the amount you will be charged for your own borehole drilling will depend on the type of borehole drilling method you want, and also on your location.

Types and price of borehole drilling in Nigeria 2024

The manual Borehole drilling method

This type of borehole drilling method involves a slow process as it takes up to 7 to 14days for its completion and it requires up to 7 to 10contractors, it is the cheapest type of borehole drilling and the borehole drillers can charge you per meter,per hour or per day. This type of borehole drilling method can cost up to N120,000 to N300,000 depending on your location and number of workers or contractors. This method when done well produces clean water good for consumption.

The Heavy duty method

This type of borehole drilling method requires lesser number of workers/contractors lets say 2 or 3 as the work here is done with a heavy duty machine.
This type is more reliable and also faster than the manual drilling method and it is more expensive than the manual method as it costs up to N300,000 to N600,000 depending on location . This method does not consume much time as it takes 3 to 7days for its completion. It produces Cleaner water than the manual one and it is easier to do.

Types of Drilling Machines and their Prices 2024

The below are different types of drilling machines and their Nigerian prices.

Crawler mounted

Well drilling rig : This machine costs up to N10million to N32million and it is used for drilling borehole in muddy areas.

Trailer Mounted Well Drilling Rig

This machine costs up to N4 million to N8 million in Nigeria and it can be used for air, foam or mud rotatory an percussive drilling.

Tricycle mounted well drilling rig

This machine costs up to N4 million to N7 million in Nigeria and it is very flexible and can be used for any water drilling even soil samples.

Trick mounted well drilling rig

This machine in Nigeria costs N12 million to N40 million. It is used in places where there are hard rocks.

Water well core drilling rig

This machine costs N8 million to N15 million. It ensures an effective drilling and has a high rotatory speed.

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Factors to Consider before Hiring a Borehole Driller

  • Budget

You have to determine the type of borehole drilling method to be used in other to know the amount it will take. Is advisable you go for the one your money can afford and make sure you bargain very well as we have given you an information about the possible price.

  • Typeof soil

You need to contact a professional in other to know the type of soil and rocks that might be experienced during the process to avoid using the manual method in a place where there are rocks.

  • Time frame

If you need your borehole to be completed as soon as possible lets say within 3 or 4 days, then you need to get a company that will make use of the heavy duty machine for fastness.

  • Drillers’ reputation

You need to confirm how capable the company you are hiring from the people they have done the same work for to avoid having an unhealthy water.

  • Location of drillers

Do you know that contractors from far place are likely to charge more money than the one close to you because of the cost involved in the movement of their machines and equipment.

Factors that determine the price of borehole drilling

  • Location
  • Type of borehole drilling
  • Accessibility of water
  • Number of contractors
  • Electricity

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