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Price of Plumbing Materials in Nigeria 2024

Price of Plumbing Materials in Nigeria 2024

One of the most valuable vocations on the planet is that of a plumber. We can use clean water in our daily lives thanks to plumbing. We can eat, drink, and bathe, among other things. Plumbing ensured that daily potentially hazardous chemicals and other hazardous components generated from the various operations we engage in daily were appropriately disposed of. It may not be the most glamorous or well-paid job, but we cannot overlook its significance.
Suppose you’re planning to build a structure. In that case, whether it’s a house, an office complex, or something else entirely, you’ll agree that your project isn’t truly finished until you’ve completed the plumbing work, which includes pipes, fittings, and other components for channeling water into your structure and ensuring proper drainage.
Given the importance of plumbing materials in building construction, we have prioritized offering you a comprehensive list of current plumbing materials in the Nigerian market, including various shapes and sizes of pipes and other associated components.
The size, form, brand, and material utilized in producing these pipes and how much the seller is prepared to part with his goods all affect the price ranges for plumbing supplies in the country today. The store where you get your plumbing supplies
You can budget the amount you need to acquire your plumbing materials from any market in Nigeria today if you are fully aware of all of these things. Before we go into the various pricing of plumbing materials around the country, there are a few things you should be aware of while purchasing high-quality products from the market.
When shopping for plumbing supplies, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the greatest deals and avoid buying from the incorrect people:

Finding out the Prices From Different Sellers

When purchasing plumbing materials for a construction project, it is critical to examine and contrast pricing from several dealers before deciding which one to choose.
As much as you want to save money, go for quality to avoid regrets later. This may mean that you have to pay more because some of the best plumbing materials are more expensive, but make sure to spend wisely and not overpay.

Buy From Trusted Plumbing Material Dealers

It’s also crucial to do your homework on reputable plumbing suppliers in your area so you can receive the best products at the greatest costs for your construction project. Trusted plumbing dealers are your greatest bet for high-quality, long-lasting items. When they guarantee the quality of their items, they put their reputation on the line, and you should go to them first before going to any other dealer.

Cost of Plumbing Materials in Nigeria 2021

Below are the current price of plumbing materials in Nigeria 2021. Depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the material, the prices of plumbing materials ranges.

Price of Pipes and Sockets

Below are current prices of plumbing materials in Nigeria as at January 2022.

Plumbing Material Size Price Range
PPR pipe 3/4 inches ₦3,200 – ₦3,500
PPR pipe 1/2 inches ₦1,400 ₦1,600
PPR pipe 1 inch ₦3,000 – ₦3,500
PPR elbow 1/2″ ₦150 – ₦250
 Tee 1/2″ ₦300 – ₦350
Socket 1/2″ ₦150 – ₦250
Thread plug 1/2″ ₦100 – ₦250
PPR elbow 3/4″ ₦150 – ₦280
PPR tee 3/4″ ₦200 – ₦285
PPR socket 3/4″ ₦150 – ₦280
Iron Control 3/4″ ₦2,500 – ₦2,700
Double M/F elbow 3/4″ ₦2,000 – ₦2,500
M/F elbow 1/2″ ₦400 – ₦700
Tee 3/4″ by 1/2″ ₦350 – ₦400
Elbow 3/4″ by 1/2″ ₦250 – ₦300
Socket 3/4″ by 1/2″ ₦200 – ₦300
PPR elbow 1″ ₦400 – ₦500
PPR socket 1″ ₦200 – ₦300
PPR union 1″ ₦600 – ₦800
PPR adaptor 1″ ₦200 – ₦300
Plastic Control  3/4″ ₦1,500 – ₦1,700
Elbow 1*3/4″ ₦300 – ₦400
Tee 1*3/4″ ₦400 – ₦500
Elbow 3/4″ by 1″ ₦400 – ₦500
Tee 3/4″ by 1″ ₦400 – ₦500
Socket 3/4″ by 1″ ₦200 – ₦400
Elbow 1 by 3/4″ ₦200 – ₦400
Clip 3/4″ ₦250 – ₦300
Union 1 by 3/4″ ₦600 – ₦750
PPR Air valve 1″ ₦700 – ₦800
PPR adaptor 1″ ₦250 – ₦400
PVC pipe tick 2″ ₦3,500 – ₦4,000
PVC pipe tick 3″ ₦2,500 – ₦3,500
PVC pipe tick 4″ ₦5,500 – ₦7,500


4″ ₦1,800 – ₦2,000
45-degree bend 4″ ₦1,700 – ₦2,000
Tee 4″ ₦1,800 – ₦2,000
Socket 4″ ₦1,500 –


PVC elbow 2″  ₦300 – ₦500
45-degree bend 2″ ₦700 – ₦900
Y tee 2″ ₦700 – ₦800
Socket 2″ ₦700 – ₦900
Clip 2″ ₦600 – ₦800
Clip 4″ ₦1,200 – ₦1,400
Cap vent 4″ ₦500 – ₦700
Abro Gum Big ₦3,000 – ₦4,500
Plastic Tap 3/4″ ₦700 – ₦900
Iron Tap 3/4″ ₦1,500 – ₦2,000
Back nut 3/4″ ₦1,000 – ₦1,200
Air valve 1″ ₦500 – ₦900

Price of Plumbing Fittings in Nigeria

Plumbing Material Price Range
Twyford complete WC set ₦36,500- ₦40,000
Armitage Shanks close couple WC ₦38,500 – ₦55,000
Complete standing shower set (shower pole) ₦3,500 – ₦5,000
Wash hand basin (small with two taps) ₦6,500 – ₦8,000
Wash hand basin (big with two taps) ₦10,000 – ₦12,500
Toilet roll holder ₦4,500 – ₦6,000
Vanity worktop ₦95,000 – ₦105,000
Bathtub with one tap ₦32,500 – ₦36,000
Bathtub with two taps ₦40,000 – ₦45,000
Bathtub with telephone shower ₦48,500 – ₦55,000
Ariston water heater (small) ₦32,000 – ₦35,000
Ariston water heater (big) ₦41,000 – ₦45,000

Price of Geepee, Hart and Storex Tanks 2021

priceof Geepee, hart and storex tanks in nigeria

Water Tanks are containers used for storing and supply of water. The plumber uses it to supply water to homes, companies, farms. etc. There are different tanks in Nigeria, there are Geepee tanks, Hart tanks, Storex tanks etc. Below are the current price of different sizes of Geepee tanks and Storex tanks.

Size (Litres) Geepee Tank Price Storex Tank Price
500 ₦30,000 ₦25,000
1000 ₦40,000 ₦45,000
1,500 ₦60,000 ₦60,000
2,000 ₦70,000 ₦72,000
2,500 ₦85000 ₦80,000
3,000 ₦90,000 ₦90,000
4,000 ₦135,000 ₦120,000
5,000 ₦180,000 ₦180,000
10,000 ₦475,000 ₦470,000

Price List of Hart Tanks 2021

Below are the current price of Hart tanks in Nigeria 2021

Size (Litres) Hart Tank Price
500 ₦30,000
1000 ₦40,000
1,500 ₦60,000
2,000 ₦70,000
2,500 ₦80,000
3,000 ₦90,000
4,000 ₦130,000
5,000 ₦180,000
10,000 ₦475,000

As previously indicated, these costs are not set in stone and may change at any time. This page is designed for informational purposes to provide a clear picture of the current projected prices of plumbing supplies in Nigeria. Have a trusted store where you can acquire your plumbing products without the hassle and receive the greatest deals on pipes and fittings.

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