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Price of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria Today 2024

Price of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria Today 2024

The cost of Building materials are fast changing, in keeping you updated, we have come up with the current roofing sheet prices in Nigeria to help you make informed monetary decisions regarding your construction works as it has to do with the choice between different types of roof covering materials available in the markets today.

As a major cost component, the use of roofing sheets have transited from the old fashioned Speargrass or Palm raffia that we used to know to modernized sheet types like Aluminium roofs, Stone coated roofs, Sumo roofs, Negerite Crete tiles / slate roofs, Corrugated Zinc roofs, and Toprite roofs etc.

To understand which is best for your construction purpose, you may need to consult an Architect, Engineer or any Builder, Quantity Surveyor who will recommend a suitable one for you. But in all, the choice to be made borders on cost per sheet along with other needs of your roof like aesthetics, durability, energy efficiency, Water & Soundproof qualities, ease of maintenance, weight of the material, longevity, intended Slope or Pitch of your Rafter among other deciding factors that vary from one region to another.

There are various roof designs that affect the total cost of each roof style. Residential houses like homes, hotels and hostels are usually designed to depict its function from the roof by a mere look at it. So also properties built for commercial purposes like Banks, Factories, Public offices, Restaurants etc. In all, a roof with steep pitched truss usually takes more roofing sheets than roof trusses on low slopes. Meanwhile, a complicated / complex roof plan will result in usage of more roofing sheets compared to what is obtainable in a simple roof plan and of course the more the area to be covered with sheets, the more the client incurs cost. These factors and some others seriously affect the total cost of roofing and the affordability of a particular style in Nigeria.

Roofing Sheet prices in Nigeria 2024

The Nigerian construction industry is decorated with assorted roofing material grades that fit any design need you may think of. These roofing sheets are usually sold per square meter according to its thickness, guage from 0.45mm, 0.55 mm to 0.75mm which happens to be the standard sizes readily available in markets today. In some cases, dealers or its manufacturers sell them in bundles or per ton especially the coil just before milling. Note, a bundle consist of 12 pieces of roof sheets.

In any case, below are the prices of popular roofing sheet types on 25th June 2024 as seen in most Nigerian retailers or wholesaler’s warehouses.

Aluminium roofing sheet prices 2024

Going by usage statistics, Aluminium roofing materials are currently the most used roofing sheet types in Nigeria. This reason is traceable to its affordability, lightness in weight, long-lasting qualities, enhanced corrosion resistance, fair insulation, and inability to burn during fire outbreaks. As expected, it has its shortcomings, one of which is the noise it’s makes under rainfall and creaking sound it generates under direct heat of sun rays.

By definition, Aluminium roofing sheets are roof materials purely made of the metal Al or its alloys with elements like cooper, Tin, Manganese, Silicon, or Magnesium etc. This is done to improve it’s tensile strength, flexibility, ductility and recyclability among other targeted gainful features. These sheets are deployed to work in varying ways including its usage in cladding of walls, awnings, in gutters and sidings.

As per specifications, you can install Aluminium roofs on any Purlin made of steel or woodwork. Below is the price list of the three kinds of Aluminum roofing sheets in the market now which are the Long span Aluminium, Step tile Aluminium and Metcoppo Aluminium and Aluzinc.

Sheet Type 0.45mm price 0.55mm price
Long Span ₦2,800 ₦3,300
Step Tile ₦3,000 ₦3,500
Metcoppo ₦3,200 ₦3,650

Aluzinc costs about ₦25,000 per bundle
Long Span Aluminum Roofing sheet in Nigeria
Metcoppo Aluminum Roofing sheets price in Nigeria

Stone coated roofing sheet prices 2024

Due to how durable, reliable, colorful, elegant and environmentally friendly these Stone-coated roofing sheets are, there is an increased market demand for it in major cities across the country for use on high budget roof projects. This is because Stone-coated roof types has come to make up for the flaws of Aluminum roofing sheets and this therefore has made the price per piece pricey overtime. As a matter of fact, Stone coated roofing sheets are one of the most expensive roofing materials available in markets.

The idea behind this type of sheets was birthed in the 1940s in Europe when the need for camouflage and protection arose. This was perfected through Bitumen coating and subsequent covering by sand, stone and/or other materials. By description, Stone coated roofing sheets are refined metals, usually Steel which are coated with Stone chips and fixed to the top of the galvanized steel is an Acrylic film. Most of them are Oven-baked with a life span guarantee of about 50 to 70 years, thereby reducing the need for replacement and some other unnecessary maintenance costs that would have made the lifecycle cost more expensive on the long run especially during renovation.

One major take away about this type is that they don’t just come in varying beautiful colors only, they are long-lasting sound absorbers designed with anti-rust materials for energy efficiency. They also come in assorted kinds & designs and are usually accompanied by roof accessories like facial boards, Ridge caps, Valley gutters, Side Caps, Treated nails, B.B.C and Repair kit. Below is the price list of the kinds you are likely going to see, which includes Bond or Classic designs, Shingles, Wooden shakes, Roman and Milano designs.

Sheet Type 0.45mm price 0.55mm price
Milano design ₦3,800 ₦4,100
Shingles ₦3,700 ₦4,000
Classic design ₦3,750 ₦3,900
Wooden Shake ₦4,900 ₦4,000
Bond ₦3,800 ₦4,100
Roman design ₦3,650 ₦3,900

Stone coated shingles Roofing sheet price in Nigeria

Swiss roofing sheet prices 2024

This roofing sheet is one of the latest but underground yet most expensive roofing material types in the country just after metro tiles. It looks more like a Stone-coated variant but under a different brand name with its spectacularly unique color combination in terms of appearance that tends to conform with a traditional pattern. The average price of Swiss roofing sheet per square meter is ₦5,000 – ₦6,000 in Nigeria.

Swiss roofing sheets have all the amazing and needed qualities of a typical roofing material and as a result, it is the most expensive roofing sheet in Nigeria today. Buying it before now requires you to pre-order from importers who will end up inflating the price due to the exchange rate of Dollar against Naira. As a result, Swiss Metrotiles Limited now sources for these products through their Switzerland factory for nationwide distribution to make it cheaper.

Fibre Cement roofing sheet prices 2024

The name is usually mistaken for the Fibre Britment roofs which has phased out already. Fibre cement roofing sheets are still in fashion, though demand for it is dwindling as attention is shifting towards its metal counterparts. Although they are easy to break, but buyers consider them better than corrugated Zinc roofing sheets in terms of durability.

They have really stood the test of time since they have been in use for centuries. Till today, flat Fibre cement sheets are still one of the best cladding materials while the ones with corrugated finishes are still being used for roofing purposes. In all, the average price of Fibre cement roofing sheet per square meter is ₦4,000 – ₦5,000 in Nigeria.

In essence, Fibre cement boards are slates made of composite materials like Portland cement and cellulose fibres mixed with water and other additives to give you a hard, non-metallic, non-combustible, heavy, highly insulated, opaque profiles that you know today. Sometimes, its manufacturers reinforce these cement sheets with Asbestos to give it some sturdy traits.

Roof light roofing sheet prices 2024

These are transparent or translucent roofing sheets made from raw materials like fibreglass, polycarbonate, plastic and or danpalon. The best and most popular of these rooflights are the one ones made with fibreglass, otherwise called Glass reinforced polyester resin (GRP) or Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP).

These kind of Roofing Sheet are not rampant but are particularly important when you wish to let in light into your house without the interference of rainfall. They are usually sold corrugated either plain or coloured in various thicknesses like 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and even more. The average price of Rooflight or GRP translucent roof sheet per square meter ranges from ₦5,000 – ₦15,000 in Nigeria.

Roof Types and Design styles in Nigeria

The style of roof you adopt does not only improve the beauty of your roof and building in general, it also goes a long way to affect the market value of the property in question. For example, it is now a selling point to have a roof that made provisions for solar panels or some other energy efficiency mechanisms.
Again, depending on the roof type, especially Gable roofs, extra living spaces can be carved out by your Carpenter to form an attic for human habitation especially in congested cities like Lagos where apartments are not so cheap. It can also be a point of attraction to have overhead water storage tanks for people that love it specially installed on the rooftop. In that case, we have here a list of roof types you need to know.
Price of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria

  1. Hipped Roof
  2. Flat Roof
  3. Gable Roof
  4. Mansard Roof
  5. Gambrel Roof
  6. Dome Roof
  7. Curved Roof
  8. Butterfly Roof
  9. Dormer Roof
  10. Clerestory Roof
  11. Bonnet Roof
  12. Jerkinhead Roof
  13. M-Shaped Roof
  14. Shed or Skillion Roof
  15. Combination Roof

How to Calculate the quantity of roofing sheets

Getting a competitive price from traders or vendors online these days is hard to come by without BetaPrices pricing guides like this one. This is because our aim is to equip our website visitors with cost information that results in giving value for their hard-earned money without compromising quality.
How to calculate Quantity of Roofing sheets in Nigeria
From the simple Roof plan above, you can see the different components of a typical roof like the King post, Structs, Rafter, Tie beam, Purlin, Eaves overhang, Ridge etc.

To calculate the quantity of Roofing Sheets, we need to know the numerical values of at least two sides of the traingle in the diagram (Side A, B & C).

Side A is the hypotenuse which can be gotten with known slopes.
Side B is the Adjacent: half of the width of the building which is readily available.
Side C is the Opposite: which approximately represents the length of the roof height/King post (if any).

From our sketch, take the height of the King post to be 1,200 mm, total length of block wall to be 6,500 mm and the width of the block wall to be 3,600 mm.

To get the total sloped length, we divide 3,600 by 2 to get 1,800 then add one side of the Eave Overhang to the triangle to arrive at 2,400 mm.

A = X
B = 2.4 m
C = 1.2 m
Using Pythagorean Theorem to find the true length of A, that is A^2 = B^2 + C^2, we got X to be 2.68 meters.

Now, to get the area of just half of the simple roof style, we add the two sides of the Eave to the TOTAL LENGTH of the end-to-end block wall to arrive at 7,700mm. We also do the same thing for the WIDTH to get 4,800 mm.

Therefore, the quantity of Roofing sheets needed for this project is 7.7 x 4.8 = 36.96 m2, for the both sides, it becomes 36.96×2 which is 73.92 m2.

Originally posted 2023-03-18 02:34:14.

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  2. Nice and detailed article. But we can both agree that the prices of these roofing materials varies at short periods of time. Do reach out if you have need for any of the talked about products.

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