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Cost of Sand and Stones per Ton in Nigeria 2024

Cost of Sand and Stones per Ton in Nigeria 2024

Sand is a prevalent building material that accounts for about 75% content of most buildings currently in Nigeria. Although the usage of its alternatives are there, but they are not rampant compared to the application of soft and sharp sand in molding of blocks or bricks, Earth filling, laying of blocks, wall plastering and many other uses of this common building material in a typical construction project.

On the other hand, stones or chippings as they are called are coarse aggregates which are more than 4.75 mm in diameter. They may come as gravel, cobbles or boulders.

In mortar, sand serve as a fine aggregate mixed with the binder (usually Portland cement or Lime) in a given ratio so as to give the outcome an adhesive surface area,  prevent it from cracking & shrinking and to increase the volume so as to reduce cost. While in concrete, it does more of the same work along with coarse aggregate (Gravel or Granite) and cement in a specified mix ratio  which varies depending on the strength of material to be obtained.

A Tipper of Sand or Stone price in Nigeria 2024

Across the country, suppliers of this building material vary cost as it suits the trade unions which they belong to, among other factors. Good a thing you are here because we have done the work for you and have come up with the price a trip of sand or stone is likely going to sell in your locality. Below is the current price list of deals.

Price of Sharp sand 2024

Trip Current Price
1 Ton ₦4,000
5 Tons ₦18,000
10 Tons ₦35,000
20 Tons ₦70,000
30 Tons ₦105,000

A Tipper of Sharp sand price in Nigeria

Price of Plaster / Filling sand 2024

Trip Current Price
1 Ton ₦2,000
5 Tons ₦10,000
10 Tons ₦20,000
20 Tons ₦40,000
30 Tons ₦60,000

Price of Plaster sand in Nigeria

Price of Soft sand 2024

Trip Current Price
1 Ton ₦4,000
5 Tons ₦18,000
10 Tons ₦35,000
20 Tons ₦70,000
30 Tons ₦105,000

Price of Granite stones 2024

Trip Current Price
1 Ton ₦7,500
5 Tons ₦38,000
10 Tons ₦90,000
20 Tons ₦180,000
30 Tons ₦270,000

A trip of Granite price in Nigeria

Price of Gravel stones 2024

Trip Current Price
1 Ton ₦6,000
5 Tons ₦30,000
10 Tons ₦60,000
20 Tons ₦120,000
30 Tons ₦180,000

Price of Stone dust / Hardcore 2024

Trip Current Price
1 Ton ₦8,000
5 Tons ₦42,000
10 Tons ₦84,000
20 Tons ₦168,000
30 Tons ₦250,000

Be rest assured that the total cost of these aggregates will be affected by the location where they are to be taken to. In other words, cost of transportation inflates the whole price.

Classification of Sand and Stones based on Sources

The source of these aggregates whether fine or coarse affects their prices. That is why you need to take a look at the various sources of sands, Granite or Gravel before buying or ordering for them from your supplier.

1. River or Sharp sand

These are the kind of sands that are dug out from a body of water for construction purposes. Depending on the degree of rock disintegration, they are usually grit or sharp sand with a reasonable content of silt and or salt. Most Architects recommend these river sands since they are mostly of good quality and has properties that suit the purpose for which they are bought. They tend to be more expensive and in higher demand than the other sources because carting away such enormous amount of sand from rivers are prohibited in some localities or counties.

2. Quarry or Manufactured sand

These are artificial sands gotten during crushing of stones to produce fine aggregates of uniform grain shapes. In some cases, they are called stone dusts and are used for constructing pavings. It contains no organic material (impurities) as the source previously discussed. During its production, quality control is usually a top priority.

3. Red earth (Pit sand)

These are sands deposited on river banks and on the surface of the earth usually as a result of erosion. This category of Sand deposit system produces most soft sand in the market today which are of finer aggregate particles than sharp sands. It is equally applied in construction works in varying ways in Earthworks especially the filling sands dug out a few meters into the ground called pit. In fact, red earth is used in the old traditional thatched roof styles of building that is currently facing extinction due to the advent of block walls. Red earth which belong to this category is equally used during construction of roads since they possess strong bonding properties. They can also be used for other various Laterite filling purposes in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector.

4. Gravel stones

This building material is also known as crushed stone. It is in practice, a build up of various kinds of rocks that include but not limited to sandstone, basalt, and limestone. These loose rock fragments are extracted from gravel pits in Nigeria.

5. Granite stones

Unlike gravels, Granites are hard rocks of Igneous origin which are sourced from quartz, feldspar or mica, and make up a larger chunk of stones used for building or Civil engineering works in most developing cities of the Country like in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Enugu, Kano. They can easily be found in the beddings of roads and railway constructions.

Price of Filling sand in Nigeria
It might interest you to know that there are Four major sources of sand used for building works, and they include

  1. River or Sharp sand
  2. Quarry or Manufactured sand
  3. Red earth (Pit sand)

What makes sand fit for construction purposes?
It may be relative (in most cases) to say what a good or bad sand is. For construction purposes, the following conditions should all be met by any source

  • Silt Content should be less than 3% by weight (12% by volume in 10 min)
  • Sand shall not contain any harmful impurities like salts, pyrites, coal, iron, alkalies and the likes
  • Sand should not contain Organic materials

Help us update buyers in your region by telling us what these materials sell in your area.

Originally posted 2022-11-20 10:59:12.

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