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Current Price of LG DVD Players in Nigeria 2023

Are you still thinking that DVD players are now old fashioned? I mean, I hear that opinion a lot these days that DVDs are a thing of the past because of the advent of smart cables and satellites. But for lovers of TV series like me who do not like to watch on mobile but love using a DVD player with speakers, to some of us, not having a DVD player in the house is like living in a typical Nigerian correctional facility.

About the LG DVD product

LG only has one DVD product also known as Bluray or DVD player, which helps bring images alive while watching your favourite movies or documentary. With innovative technology and a sleek design, LG TV is set to give the industry a whole new experience and the company’s DVD is set to accomplish that. On the brand’s official website, Blu-ray is known as LG DD542H.

LG DD542H DVD player

Key specifications.
Video Dac – 108mHz/14 bit.
Audio Dac – 192KHz/24 bit.
DTS Digital Out – Yes.
HDMI Output – Yes.
Component video output – Yes.
1080p Upscaling – Yes.
Progressive scan – Yes.
Zoom – Yes.
Parental lock – Yes.
With Bluetooth – Yes.
Auto power off – Yes.
Screen saver – Yes.
Black level adjustment – Yes.
Remote control – Yes.
RCU/Battery – Yes.
Now that we have looked at the key specifications of one of the most portable DVD players in Nigeria, let’s take a look at the pricing.

What is the price of the LG Dd542H DVD player?

For a product with so much value, it is surprisingly affordable as it goes for the sum of ₦17,400 in the market.
It is important to note that prices vary based on location, cost of advertisement, currency exchange rate and other factors.

You can also take advantage of the annual promotional events such as Black Friday sales and the Ember month sales or if you can’t still afford it, go for the secondhand / fairly used ones offered for sale. In that case, you get it even at a cheaper price.
In purchasing an LG DVD player, there are several questions on the minds of many buyers which will be answered below.

Our Conclusion

LG DVD sure offers the best viewing experience you can imagine and you should consider getting one for yourself if you ever have the need.

Originally posted 2023-02-17 11:34:06.


5 Frequently asked questions about LG DVD player

Are LG DVD players multi region?

Some LG DVD players are region free while others are not. However, to know whether your DVD player is region free or not, you can check the back of the individual DVD, Blu-ray package of the disc where a region number is printed. When you have region 0, it means that your DVD player is region free.

What formats will play on the LG DVD player?

The following formats will play on the LG DVD player: JPEG, LPCM, MP3, MPEG ½ L2, MPEGH, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG2TS, VOB, WMA.

How do I use an LG DVD player without a remote?

There are basic control buttons on the LG DVD player which you can use. The buttons are on the machine and make it easy to use without a remote control.

What is the LG DVD player area code?

The code is 314159.

Where can a person buy LG DVD products?

LG DVD products can be gotten from any LG branded shop and other accredited centers around you.

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