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Cost of Wood, Planks, HDF, MDF Plywood in Nigeria 2021

The enormous uses of wood in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. We use woods in furniture designs, building of houses and other structures, etc. Wood in Nigeria today is of a very good economic importance and contributes heavily to the economic growth of the country. The cost of wood depends on the type, either hardwood or softwood and also on the finishing. There are also different kinds of wood based on the finishing, they are; Plywood, 2 by 2 and 2 by 4 planks, facing boards, tie rods etc. During roofing, hardwoods are always the best for roofing. There are many hardwoods available for roofing, the best among them is cedar woods. Cedar woods are strong, durable and have a very high resistant to weather.


Plywood are finely finished woods used for beautiful constructions such as word-ropes, office tables, Chairs etc. There are two 4 different kinds of Plywood, they’re;

Current price of Plywood in Nigeria

  • MDF Plywood
  • HDF Plywood
  • Marine Plywood
  • Ordinary Plywood

The HDF Plywood are products of composed extracts of chips and pulped wood wastes which is formed by glue under intense heat and pressure. The pressure applied during production of HDF Plywood are always higher than that of MDF, that’s why the HDF is way too more expensive than MDF. They are better and stronger Plywood than MDF Plywood and are used for laminate flooring. The MDF, HDF and all other Plywood have a total length of 8ft and a with of 4ft (8 by 4ft). The difference between them is just their finishes. The MDF and HDF have a thickness of 1 inch. While the other plywood has different thicknesses such as ⅛, ¼, ½, and 1 inches. The HDF plywood is the best plywood for making furniture. The surface can always be made to be waterproof.

Currently prices of Plywood in Nigeria 2021

All the plywood listed below have a total length of 4 ft by 8 ft

Plywwod Thickness Current Price
HDF 1 inch ₦48,000
MDF 1 inch ₦14,500
Ordinary Plywood 1 inch ₦13,000
Ordinary Plywood ½ inch ₦9,000
Ordinary Plywood ¼ inch ₦5,500
Ordinary Plywood ⅛ inch ₦4,500
Ordinary Plywood 2 inches ₦12,500

Tie Rods

Wood Tie Rods inNigeria

A wood tie rods has a total length equal to that of the plank or face boards used for construction of buildings. A tie rods is usually used for fine finishing and holding materials together. Some tie rods have a total length of 10ft and some 11ft depending on the length of the wood from which it was carved out. The width of a tie rod is 2ft and it has a thickness of 0.25ft.

The current cost of tie rods is ₦100 for one and ₦2000 for a bundle. A bundle of tie rod contains about 20 pieces.

Plank woods and Facing boards.

Prices of Plank woods and facing boards in Nigeria

Facing boards are used to construct roofs. They have different widths and lengths. The total length ranges between 10ft to 11ft while the width ranges between 10 inches to 11 inches. The face boards used for building has a thickness of 1 inch. Planks are used to construct wood pallets. The current price of wood pallets in Nigeria today is ₦3,000

Planks are major wood types used during roofing. There are different kinds of planks, we have 2 by 2, 2 by 4, and 2 by 3

Current prices of Plank woods and facing boards (Hardwoods) in Nigeria 2021.

All plank woods/facing boards have a total length ranging from 10 ft to 11 ft.

Plank woods/Facing boards Thickness Current Price
Hardwood Facing Board 1 by 10 inches ₦1,800
Softwood Facing Board 1 by 10 ₦1,000
Plank Wood 2 by 2 inches ₦300
Wood Pallets        – ₦3000
Plank Wood 2 by 6 inches ₦1,300
Plank Wood 2 by 8 inches ₦1,300

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