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Dubai perfume oil: Fragrance wholesale distributors

The need to smell nice in Nigeria is intensifying especially due to the hot weather that makes people sweat profusely. The use of original perfume oil from quality brands like Surrati, Argeville or Lattafa help you smell good, prevent body odour and attracts you to loved ones.

Although the scent that these fragrance oils emits are not the kind that announces your presence everywhere you go just like the Alcohol-based perfumes do, but their ever moisturizing and mesmerizing feel will surely get your head off the roof.

Unlike the Alcohol-based scents in the markets today, these pure oils are not quick to get exhausted. They are equally good for dry skin types and efficient use is guaranteed since a good percentage does not waste into the air nor evaporate anytime they are opened.

There are business opportunities in the sale of these highly concentrated oils. When you buy them in large quantities from wholesalers or directly from importers, in the same vein, procure containers, usually canister of 3ml, 6ml, 10ml, 100ml 400ml to 1kg and so on so as to resale at retail prices and make profits from it. The business is trending and many Nigerians are buying since realizing that perfume oils are long-lasting on the body more than any other kind.

Perfume oil wholesale in Dubai

Long-lasting perfume oil from Dubai at cheap wholesale rates
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) houses a larger chunk of these quality oils at wholesale rates, that is why so many buyers are on the look out for Dubai perfume oil. Since the market demand is on the increase in Nigeria, there exist distributors / suppliers of of scents in Lagos, Abuja, Porthacourt, Onitsha and other cities.

Get your undiluted perfume oil at a very affordable price. We have them in Surrati, Lattafa, Argeville products and other quality brands.

Place your order today with our handpicked sellers of Fragrance oil on Facebook and Instagram now. All you need do is to contact them ask for prices of their available products and if necessary, know where their store is located in these cities. To start with, check them out to begin shopping on the go.

Below are social media handles of the sellers of quality, original designer perfume oils sold at affordable prices.

If you are looking for an offline marketplace where you can get perfume to buy at cheap wholesale prices in Lagos, Visit Alaba international market, Nigerian Army Arena market, Oshodi and at Trade fair Market to select just the best at good deals.

Recommended spots on your body to wear perfume oil

Since they can be applied on dry skins without running the risk of dehydration, you can then wear them on warm areas of your body like

  • On your wrists
  • Behind your ears
  • Around your elbow
  • The back of your neck
  • Any other spot that attracts kisses from loved ones

Facts about perfume oils

There are two types of perfume oils: pure Essential oils and Synthetic oils. The former are oils extracted from aromatic parts of some plants while the later are a product of petrochemicals aimed at replicating those plant scents which may result in allergies on some skin types.

When buying, it is important that you know that some Fragrance oil manufacturering companies mix a proportional amount of essential oils with synthetic fragrances using chemical enhancers and boosters like carcinogenic and toxic petrochemicals in an attempt to cut costs and create a stronger, longer lasting odor.

Due to the highly labor-intensive processes involved in the manufacturing of pure essential oils, they tend to cost more than their synthetic counterparts.

In conclusion, how much you buy these fragrance oils mostly depends on a customer’s bargaining prowess. The average price of a 3ml bottle of perfume oil is ₦400.

We highly suggest buying this products from these recommended suppliers above.

Originally posted 2023-06-27 21:01:16.



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