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Okrika clothes: Cost of Second-hand Bale wears in Nigeria

Okrika clothes: Cost of Second-hand Bale wears in Nigeria

Okrika wears also known as Bend Down Select or second-hand wears are fairly used clothing materials and accessories like dresses, shoes, sandals and bags usually imported into Nigeria and sold according to their qualities from First grade to Second grade, while a Bale is the unit of measurement for selling of heaps of used clothes in the textile markets.

It is no longer news that sale of used clothes in the West African country, Nigeria is on the increase, booming and have become a commodity in an average Nigerian household. Even when the government have taken strict measures against it in 2019, the Okrika clothes or Tokumbo products business still thrives and doesn’t show any sign of possible blink in the future. A critical look into why the government decided to restrict importation of fairly used wears, reveals some economic consequences, imperialism and loss of cultural identity. However, the citizenry have objected to the goverment’s stand, on grounds that these OK clothes are very much of standard, affordable and long-lasting when compared to the brand new ones as Vanguard news posit.

Cost of starting Used clothe business

Trading on second-hand clothes has been adjudged by most successful Nigerian business men and women to be a low capital, high returns venture of the 21st century especially in Africa. A gold mine that gives quick ROI. You can start the business now with ₦25,000 (five figures) and make up to Six figures in the next three months. The market demand is there already and there is nothing much to risk since Nigerians are willing to patronize it over locally produced casual wears.

Price of second-hand clothes

A smaller percentage of these used textile materials are sourced from the United Kingdom among other countries while a larger junk of the market share are filled with clothes, bags and shoes from Cotonou, the economic flag-bearer of Benin. Here, clothes are repackaged according to grade, gender & fashion taste and sold in bulk per weighing units or Bales. The number of second-hand clothes in a bale is between 150 – 300 pieces, while 6 to 7 typical garments weigh up to 1 kg. The average price of 1 kg of used clothes is $5.10 USD in Cotonou and can be sold for more than ₦20,500 in Nigeria. That is how profitable it is trading on fairly used clothes. The price for a bale of used clothes is between ₦800,000 to ₦1,000,000 in Nigeria. At this point, I think it will be pertinent to answer this particular question. A lot of Beta Prices users ask: how much is a 100kg bale of first grade Okrika? Now from what I have gathered so far, The price of 100kg of First grade Okrika is between ₦800,000 to ₦1,000,000 due to the high rate of dollar.

Cost Analysis of Okrika wears

Prices of bale of used clothes in Nigeria (pictures)
Below is a detailed breakdown of the likely selling cost of these fashion materials in Nigeria. The cost price differs according to whether it is bigger bale or smaller bale.

Item Quantity Current Price
Clothes Big Bale ₦800,000
Bags Small Bale ₦100,000
Bags Bigger Bale ₦1,000,000
Sandals Big Bale ₦790,000
Shoes Big Bale ₦850,000

Where to buy wholesale used clothes in Lagos

You can buy second-hand clothes at cheap prices from suppliers in the following markets

  • Katangua market at Abule Egba
  • International Trade Fair at Onikan, Lagos Island
  • Akube stores in Ikeja
  • Oshodi market
  • Tejuosho Ultramodern Shopping Centre at Ojuelegba Rd, Yaba
  • Bali market in Lagos Island
  • Yaba market at Yaba bus stop
  • Aswani Market at Osolo Way, Isolo
  • Balogun Market in Lagos Island

Visit these places also to buy your fairly used shoes, sandals, clothes and bags at affordable prices.

Originally posted 2023-05-16 07:48:46.

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  1. Hello, good morning the best deals in Nigeria. please i want a bale okrika clothes but i don’t know how i will contact you people.

  2. Am interested in the business

  3. Am also interested especially on ladies wears
    Pls do message me on WhatsApp if u wanna put me through

  4. Pls I want to buy a bale of grade 1 okirika but I don’t where to buy from can someone help me

  5. Pls i want to start up the business of ok but i don’t know how to go about it,can u help me pls?

  6. how can I buy goods for wholesale.

  7. Islamiyat Oluwaseyi

    Pls I want to buy okirika Uk grade A bale how much and where to get it please

  8. am interested in a bale of stockings want to know the price nd where to get it

  9. Please, I want to know whole sale okrika market closer to Abuja. Either in kaduna state or plateau state

  10. You can contact me on 08033133808 or 08032966447 I sell first grade okirika in wholesale
    Children clothes/shoes
    Ladies clothes/shoes
    Men’s polos / shoes
    Children first grade toys

    Contact me for prices.

  11. I sell first grade sport tight and track suit contact me on 07060531673

  12. I sale uk bales, grade A. You can contact me on 08027107876.

  13. I sale uk bales, grade A. You can contact me on 08027107876. Lagos and Ogun

  14. How much is bale of bum short for ladies

  15. Michael brown

    Pls I want to start ok bussiness, male and female first grade okirika, am a bigginer and I stay in River State, 08064122817 is my numbers and WhatsApp number too. Put me through

  16. Pls I need bale of china designer bags. How is it.

  17. I’m interested in selling okirika, can see bale buy in Abuja and how much is small bale now

  18. Please I need big bale of combat knicker, I want to know the price and where to get it.

  19. Christina Monday

    I’m interested in starting first grade thrift business

  20. Ma’an Panmun Dasman

    I am interested in okirka businesses in bales as a beginner, pls, any supplier to put me through?
    I live in plateau State

  21. muiz olasunkanmi

    Pls, I want to start OK business, I need help to put me through

  22. I want to buy UK grade A okrika cloth bale, where to buy it and how much is bale. Ready.

  23. Ejiroghene Omamoke

    I want to start thrift business especially on kiddies wears but don’t know any wholesaler to buy from, pls chat me on whatsapp +250780846063
    If you sell in wholesale or knows who I can buy from.

  24. Pls I want to startup this business but I dnt knw how to go about it, how much can I start this business with I’m interested in babe OK for children grand A.
    Pls contact me I want to knw how much I can start with thanks. 08149248889

  25. I will like to get a complete UK and US bales of clothes, bags and Shoes for sale in Enugu.

    Please if you have a link, kindly share on WhatsApp 08068421086.

  26. Please I want to start thrifts/okrika business in Jos and I need someone to mentor me and give me links to buying of grade A clothing for male, female and children

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