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Price of Charcoal Per ton, kg in Nigeria 2021

Charcoal prices in Nigeria is heavily dependent on the wood type. There are Ayin, Acarcia trees etc. Charcoals produced with hardwoods (Ayin) is more expensive than the ones produced with softwoods. There are different types of charcoal produced in Nigeria both locally and industrially. For export purposes, charcoal is being packaged in 25kg bags which is the international export standard. However, some buyers may demand you package them in 10 kg and 5 kg sacks. A 40 ft container of charcoal contains about 21 tons of charcoal. If packaged in 25 kg bags, a ton of charcoal contains 40 bags. A 40 ft container carries 840 bags of 21 kg bags which is equivalent to 21 tons. A sack of unprocessed charcoal (bush bag) costs ₦4,000 naira while a sack of processed charcoal costs ₦7,000 naira. The weight of unprocessed charcoal bag ranges between 50 to 70 kg.

There are also briquette charcoals. Briquettes are only produced industrially and are produced from charcoal powders. Briquette charcoals are the most expensive charcoal types in the world today.

Types/Grades of Charcoal

Various types are determined by their various sizes. Below are the three main types of charcoals produced locally and industrially.

  1. Restaurant Grade Charcoal
  2. Barbeque Charcoal (BBQ)
  3. Shisha Charcoal
  4. Briquette charcoal

Restaurant grade charcoal is the charcoal that is 4 mm and above. It can be produced both locally and industrially.

Barbeque charcoal is the charcoal that is less than 4mm in size. This type of charcoal can also be produced both locally and industrially.

Shisha charcoals are charcoals that is cylindrical in shape. Only hardwoods (ayin) can effectively form shisha. Shisha are very difficult to produce locally. It’s always been produced industrially.

Price of Charcoal per ton in Nigeria

Charcoal Type Wood type Price per Ton
Restaurant Grade Hardwood (Ayin) ₦120,000
Restaurant Grade Softwood ₦80,000
Barbeque (BBQ) Hardwood (Ayin) ₦60,000
Barbeque (BBQ) Softwood ₦40,000
Shisha Hardwood (Ayin) ₦195,000

Price of Charcoal per Bag in Nigeria

Charcoal Type Wood type Price per 25 kg Bag
Restaurant Grade Hardwood (Ayin) ₦5000
Restaurant Grade Softwood ₦2000
Barbeque (BBQ) Hardwood (Ayin) ₦1,500
Barbeque (BBQ) Softwood ₦1000
Shisha Hardwood (Ayin) ₦9000

International Prices of Charcoal per ton (FOB)

Charcoal Type Wood type Price per Ton
Restaurant Grade Hardwood (Ayin) $400
Restaurant Grade Softwood $350
Barbeque (BBQ) Hardwood (Ayin) $250
Barbeque (BBQ) Softwood $170
Shisha Hardwood (Ayin) $600

Local Production of Charcoal

Charcoal production is one of the most lucrative businesses anyone can think of venturing into in Nigeria today. This is because charcoal can be produced locally at a cheap rate (if you have wood readily available) it all requires personal labour with natural and freely gotten equipments and everything will get done without spending a much.

The equipments used for local production of charcoal includes;

  1. Shovel
  2. Sand
  3. Leaves

The local production of charcoal has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages includes

  1. Produces high-quality charcoals.
  2. Gives room for temperature regulations during production.
  3. It is cost effective.
  4. Only requires buying of Trees (If you do not have one).
  5. Equipments used for productionc be obtained free.
  6. Helps the farmer to maximize profits.

The disadvantages of local production of charcoal includes

  1. It is very laborious.
  2. Temperature cannot be effectively regulated during production.
  3. Produces limited kinds of charcoal. e.g it cannot produce Shisha charcoal.

Steps in Local Production of Charcoal

Below are the highlighted steps in locally producing charcoal in Nigeria.

  • Dig a hole of about 2 ft deep and 8 ft wide depending on the quantity of wood you’re using for production
  • Cut the woods into short logs of at least 1 ft or more.
  • Cover the bottom and sides of the dug hole with green leaves. It serves insulation.
  • Put the cut logs into the dug hole, it Should be arranged to take the shape of a cone.
  • Properly cover all the woods with green leaves.
  • Then cover everywhere with sand. It should be airtight.
  • Slightly open a very small place where you’ll ignite fire with fuel.
  • Always make sure you check that the fire doesn’t quench.
  • After 4 days, your Charcoal should be ready.

The writer of this post is based in Lagos and supplies Charcoal in wholesale quantities to consumers. Give him a feedback comment and he will get back to you. Only serious dealers should get in touch. No middleman should contact him please.

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