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Cost of Snails per kg in Lagos, Nigeria (2021)

Snails are of great economic benefit and have great Return on investment (ROI). Snail rearing is one of the most profitable businesses anyone can think of. Starting the farm in a commercial scale requires great capital (funding).

Snails are very expensive in Nigeria, this is because many people are still not into the business and as such, production is less than demand. Before starting a snail farm, the first thing you should secure is good breeds of snails suitable for rearing. There are different species of Snails, they’re:

  • Achatina Achantina
  • Achatina Marginata
  • Achatina Fulica

The best among them is Achatina Marginata. This is for someone who wants to go into profitable commercial Snail farming. In the Achatina Marginata family, there are the Jumbo specie Marginata and the Non-Jumbo specie Marginata. The difference between the two is very clear. The jumbo specie as the name sounds grows faster and bigger than the non jumbo specie. The Non-Jumbo specie has a growth limit while the jumbo specie grows without limit. The Non-Jumbo specie can never grow to jumbo size while the jumbo specie grows to jumbo size in just a year +.

Where to buy Snails in bulk for farming in Lagos Nigeria

Our visitors usually ask us where they can buy Snails in bulk in Lagos State, the truth is that there are Snail farmers who supply in bulk (wholesale and retail quantities) across Nigeria. Of all, we recommend this experienced, verified and reliable Snail Dealer based in Lagos by calling this phone number 07038408983.

You can also buy Jumbo specie Snails from our marketplace Here

Current Price of live Snails per kg is ₦5,000 naira

Current Price of processed Snails (frozen) per kg is ₦15,000 naira

Different sizes of Snails and their prices

Cost of snails depends on the sizes. The average price of Snail is between ₦50 to ₦1,000 naira. Below are their different sizes

  1. Baby snails
  2. Grower snails
  3. Point of lay Snails
  4. Breeder snails
  5. Table sized Snails
  6. Jumbo Snails
  7. Extra-large jumbo snails.

Snails for sale in bulk

Baby Snails

These are newly hatched snails and are a month old or less. They’re between 1 to 30 days old.

Grower Snails

These snails are no more babies and are growing to maturity. They’re between a month to 5 months old.

Point of Lay Snails

These Snails are called “About to Lay”.It takes a point of lay Snails a month, 2 or 3 months to start laying eggs. Most snail farmers buy point of lay Snails. A point of Lay Snails is between 5 to 8 months.

Breeder snails

Breeders are already laying snails. These Snails have laid once, twice or more in the farm. They do not waste time in egg production like the point of lays. Breeders are between 8 to 12 months.

Table Sized Snails

These Snails have grown big and have bigger sizes than the point of lays and breeders. They’re between 12 months and 18 months.

Jumbo Snails

These are big Snails mostly demanded by hotels, restaurants, private individuals and for export. Note that not all Snails grow to Jumbo sizes. We have jumbo Marginata and Non-Jumbo marginata. The Jumbo specie of Achatina Marginata grows to jumbo sizes while the Non-Jumbo specie of same Marginata snails do not grow to Jumbo snails. These Snail sizes are between 18 months and 24 months (2 years).

These snails are processed and packaged as fresh or dried meat and sold per kg for an average price of ₦2,500

Extra Large jumbo Snails

These are the biggest Snails in Africa and on this planet Earth. They’re got from Jumbo specie Marginata snails. They’re from 2 years and above.
Buy Snails per kg in Nigeria
Below are the different sizes of Snails and their prices. All are marginata ovum (jumbo specie)

Snails Prices
Baby Snails ₦100
Grower Snails ₦150
Point of Lay Snails ₦400
Breeder Snails ₦800
Table sized Snails ₦600
Jumbo Snails ₦1,500
Extra Large Snails ₦1,600
Snail Eggs ₦50

For safe snail supply across Nigeria, contact Mathew Okara, the CEO of MU-IMMACULATE AGRO SUPPLIERS to give you the best breed at affordable prices. Call 07038408983 for expert advice. You can also request for supplies of processed or live snails for farming from any location in Nigeria, and get them delivered to you.

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