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Current price of Crate of Egg in Nigeria 2024

Current price of Crate of Egg in Nigeria 2024

In recent times, eggs have become “gold” because of how expensive it has become. Sometimes, when I visit an egg store stocked fresh from farms and ask of their prices after appreciating their various sizes, I’m always tempted to ask, “did they do operation on these chickens?”. Sounds funny but it’s true especially if you eat many of it like I do.

It might interest you to know that Eggs are picked from the cages of a special species of Hens called Layers which give birth to these wonderfully packaged proteinous foods. Egg farming done in a commercial scale are achieved with a female domestic fowl called Layers which are usually raised from day old to 18-19 weeks of age when these birds start dropping eggs.

Just like every other product that accrues profit to its sellers, this shell that is Ovate in shape is equally sold in both retail and wholesale quantities. Take a look at the prices we have got for you below.

Wholesale egg prices

The rise in prices of eggs in Nigeria is as a result of increase in price of poultry feed.  Wholesale price of eggs ranges from N1,500 – N1,700, of course, depending on the location and size. 1,500 naira for small eggs and 1,700 for jumbo eggs.

Personally, I think it’s still expensive and it is expected due to the inflation in the country at the moment and the rise in poultry feed prices.

The only gear is that it will keep increasing until the economy is stable.

But not to worry, there are places where you can buy them at cheap prices. These places are known as egg depots or poultry farms where eggs are being supplied in large quantities to distributors.

Wholesale and Retail Eggs for sale in NigeriaAffordable egg depot in Lagos, Nigeria

Below are the locations of some egg depots in Nigeria (including Lagos, Abeokuta, Abuja, Ogun, Ibadan and Oyo). Their prices per crate is between N1,500 – N1,700.

Check them below.

  • Teeto egg depot, Iwo, Osun state.
  • Classic farm eggs, Wasim, Ojokoro, Lagos.
  • Taobab farms, Imam street, Ekuro Iwoye, Osun state.
  • Rehoboth foods, Surulere, Lagos.
  • Dola Eggs, Agboju, Lagos.
  • Jola-Ade farms, Ilaro, Ojo.
  • Ilaro depot, Ilaro main market, Oyo.
  • Florieda Integrated farm, Orile- Oshodi, Lagos.
  • Divine convection egg depot, Ikorodu, Lagos.
  • Lantoro road, Isale Ake, Abeokuta.
  • Zakus egg depot, Ota, Ogun state.
  • Novelty choice country farms ltd, Isonyin-Ogun Ijebu-Ode.
  • Lafenwa depot railway warehouse, Lafenwa Abeokuta.
  • Sir Luv egg depot, Mushin, Papa Ajao, Lagos.
  • Vivacious egg depot, Zone 5, Jabu Duste, Abuja.
  • Monyashau egg depot, Evans street, Lagos Island.
  • Mide Poultry, Makarata, Abuja.

Just choose a place closest to you.

That list been highlighted, lets us go back to the basics for the sake of those who have no idea about how eggs are sold in Nigeria and other African countries.

A crate of egg is how many?

In Nigeria Eggs are sold in crates. A crate of eggs has thirty eggs in total. That’s the standard, may be in another world, we may have a crate that has up to forty pieces but for now, it is thirty eggs per crate; and it has always been like that even before I was born.

Now, to the next question on the lips of most buyers.

How much is one egg in Nigeria?

Depending on the location, one egg sells between N80 – N100. In places like Supermarkets in Lagos, an egg is sold for N120 and a crate N2,400.


However, if you eat a lot and you think N80 – N100 is too much to spare, then I have a solution for you.

Most farms do actually. They sell wholesale prices for lovers of eggs like you and I.


However, the only challenge here is if you’re not buying in large quantities from these poultry farms and egg depots, they’ll end up selling for you at the regular amount you’ll get in a local store.


How to start egg business in Nigeria, 2024

Commercial production of Eggs for sale has over the proven to be profitable, hence the increased rearing of Layers in Nigeria. But there are prerequisites for every business and this one is not an exception.

  1. Have a plan.

No matter how simple you think egg business is, you need a business plan. A business plan gives you structure and allows you to put down your ideas into actionable steps.Your plan should include securing a steady supplier directly from the farm if you don’t have a farm yet.

  1. Submit your plan to potential investors.

Your business plan is just clueless if the right people don’t see it. And if you have the means to fund your ideas, by all means go for it.

  1. Start.

Your business plan would have given you everything you need and all you have to do is start acting on your plans.


Good luck in your endeavors.


If you have more questions about egg prices, please use the comments section below to let us know and we’ll answer you speedily.

Originally posted 2023-02-17 05:24:00.

Comments (59)

  1. Please, do you have a depot in Kaduna if yes, where? And if No how can we do business


  3. Please is there egg depot in AKURE?
    If yes please where is it located and how much is it per crate

  4. I need people I can supply eggs to in wholesales price (in and outside Ogun state).You can contact my number if you are interested 09069241584
    Location: Ilaro

  5. I need egg suppliers in wholesale around ayobo and lafenwa itele

  6. @ANDREW T
    You can call me on 08109711245 for eggs and chicken.
    Based in Makurdi.

  7. Pls! I am from oyo state, I just want to start egg business, so I want you to refer me to some reliable farms that can always supply me the eggs at Affordable price.

    • Olanrewaju Ekemode

      I can supply you eggs depends on the quantity you need and you will be able to order from the website in a months time

  8. Mardiyah Suleimon

    Hello, I need egg suppliers in Ibadan at very reasonable prices, my depot location is at New garage Ibadan

  9. Where can I get a crate of egg in Ayobo, big size at affordable price. Then tell me the price as well. Thanks

  10. You can get your eggs in wholesale price @JOA FARM. We are located at Area 1 Junction. Masaka, Nasarawa State. We are accessible to both Abuja and Nasarawa residents . Contact us on 08125738421. Thanks

  11. I need who can supply me jumbo and sizeable eggs in PH at an affordable price

  12. Good morning,
    Pease, how much is the cost of turkey fertilize eggs in Nigeria?

  13. Bulky supply of Crates of Eggs, for at Affordable prices, Fresh from Usman Poultry Farm..
    They deliver to your residence or your provided Address after 24hrs from your Confirmation of orders for booking and delivery
    Contact our agent on (08032873158) for your booking and delivery others.
    *The price of Jumbo eggs ranges from #1,300 per Crate.
    Jumbo (Extra large or Double Yolk) goes for #1,400 Naira per crate.
    (Order as from 50crates to enable delivery).
    ==>NOTE: Usman Poultry Farm do not allow you come to the farm with your own paper crates to avoid transmission of infection through crates used on other farms. Paper crates can be sold to you at the rate of #70-#90
    depending on your others,(08032873158)
    ===> Contact Address: SW9/831, Bida Road ,Oyo State Ibadan, Northwest Nigeria.


      • Our egg depot at Fayob Farms sells to retailers at cheap price, we are at Mangoro Agege and Fagba Iju…Contact us for your eggs at wholesale price.
        07062863361(Fagba branch)
        08067370337(Mangoro Agege)

  14. Hello.
    You can get your farm fresh eggs at Kenshalom Farms. Our location is at Ekpoma, Edo state.
    We would be very pleased to do business with you.

    Please contact us on:


  15. I need egg supplier at Sango otta, ogun state.
    I want to start egg business

  16. Thank you for d information, just want to start this egg business, please I need a location that is close to Agbado Oja, Ogun state. Thank you.

  17. Good evening , sir /madam , pls I want to start up of eggs business , I am River State , where is ur location and how much is I crate of egg , small & joumbo . Thanks

  18. Hi pls I would love to start selling eggs
    I based in lagos
    I would love u to refer me too dealers in poultry In affordable price here is my number

  19. I want to start egg business here in Lagos state,
    And I need a distributor direct from the farm, anyone in Lagos state or Ibadan state precisely.
    Here is my number 09013424921

  20. Hi, I need a farm or a supplier that can supply me eggs at moderate price. I reside in Idimu, Alimosho local Govt. You can contact me on this number. 08179418479
    / 07045104047

  21. Hello,I sell eggs at affordable price here in ibadan,u can contact me through 08136783495,07050860407

  22. I want to start egg business ,so i need poultry to supply me eggs at a affordable prices .I reside in venue ikotun ,ijegun ,ijagemo road ojo local Govt. you can contact me on 09021201950

  23. Hello i need cheap and affordable egg poultry farm around or outskirt sango otta ogun state that i can be getting steady supply.Pls call or whatsapp me 08136299668.

  24. any egg supplier in Delta state and Bayelsa

    • Like how many crate do you want

      • I am an egg distributor. We are located at command, . We do supplies in large quantity. Our eggs are sold at a reasonable prices depending on the sizes, jumbo, medium &small. Phone no:09031365265 if you are a depot or wholesaler’s. Why not get in touch and let’s do business.

  25. Please I’m new in the business, I’m from Edo . I just want to start the business. Who can supply me , and what is the Prince of difference sizes.

  26. Nweke Henry chimezie

    Plz I want to strt up egg buisness so I need a supplier, I stay at afromedia in ojo local govt area of Lagos state , here is my contact 09061923535.

  27. I need contact of a farm in Delta State with affordable prices of eggs. Reach me on 07037139909.

  28. Buy Eggs direct from our poultry farm..Contact Dominion Farm Fresh Eggs here in Lagos. We are based in Command ipaja. Jumbo Size at 1700 per crate minimum order of 10 crates all together. Medium size 1600 per crate. Small size 1500 per crate. 100 naira per crate for delivery to your location anywhere in Lagos and ota. Contact 08091619791. God bless your business. it’s not too late to start.

  29. I’m extremely interested in the business please.

  30. Key of david farms is here, our farm is located in Atan Ota and we deliver eggs to lagos and ogun state. Call 08143500471 for enquires

  31. Najimudeen Ahmed

    Hi I am interested in starting the eggs business but getting the poultry farms to supply me 500 creates per week is a challenge.
    Can you help me with the good farms that can supply me weekly
    Contact No 08162539788 WhatsApp 08139014219

    My best regards
    Najim Ahmed

  32. I supply eggs in wholesale price within ikorodu Lagos. My contact is 09010683662

  33. Blessing Matthew

    Pls am interested I base in Benin city sapele Rd.I want to start it newly ,I need a good supplier.09124650598

  34. I work in a poultry farm with over 2500 birds of layers, turkey, and browlers located in Port Harcourt Nigeria.
    I want to start egg supply business so if you need crates of eggs you can contact me on 09067980716.

  35. We supply wholesale eggs directly from poultry at a very good and affordable prices.
    Contact. 08128021441 for more details

  36. I’m interested in egg business, needs a farm that will supply me with affordable price. location is port Harcourt.

  37. I am into eggs business I have a depot in Lagos I need direct farm poultry from Oyo or Ogun,u can contact me if u are a farmer direct from farm I don’t need distributors or wholesalers or retailers ,because I sell in wholesale price,08175272717

  38. Maimunat muhammed

    As a first time businesses how many creates do i need to go for?

  39. Toboreh rosemary

    Am an egg wholesaler her in ughelli delta state and we sell at wholesale prices,call or chat on 09137995651

  40. Pls where can I get crates of egg as a distributor at cheaper rate, I reside in osogbo. Thanks

  41. Adepitan olujimi

    How much can one start with.

  42. I need some one to supply the egg for me in area lekki jakande Lagos state

  43. How can I get your WhatsApp number so that we can talk about the price and location

  44. Please I need a supplier for affordable both jumbo size and small size crate of egg…my location is Magboro ogun state

  45. need some one to supply the egg for me in area lekki Ilasan Lagos state

  46. I need one to supply eggs for me
    I want to start egg business at Ibeju Lekki Lagos

  47. I need a reliable supplier that can supply me eggs

  48. I need a reliable supplier that can supply me eggs in delta state

  49. I need a good and trusted egg supplier. I’m in ore, Ondo state.

  50. Great website.
    I have a ready made poultry farm in the border of Plateau and Bauchi. If there is a stady buyer I can Start the business. I based in Canada. Due to employees lack of trust I closed it down.

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