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Where to Buy Soup online in Lagos, Abuja (home delivery)

Online food delivery can be handy when you are working in Nigeria, especially when you are living and doing business in major cities like Lagos or Abuja where your firm runs on a very tight schedule that does not allow you ample time to cook your own pot of soup.

Most folks (especially married ones) do not buy the idea of eating outside their homes dinning tables. Even when the need is there, they prefer to dish food out from their pots and serve themselves from there. That is normal.

It is in this normalcy that online soup sale have come to complement. Now you get to order for a bowl of soup usually sold in liters, the vendor packages it and sends it through a safe and hygienic means across to you. What is easier, stress-free and faster than that? The good thing about this innovation is that you can even store frozen soups in your Fridge for later use.

Order Soup online in Abuja, Lagos

Soup for sale in Lagos, Abuja

Now let us get to the meat of this article. There exists so many cuisines in and out of Lagos (Eko) and Abuja (the capital territory), the ones you choose depends on your taste, purchasing power and other logistics-related issues. We have a number of Kitchens that are not just offering you delicious meals, but also have sound order delivery system of soups and soup making groceries & condiments.

This review of top soup vendors in Lagos was not induced by money while the list takes no known order. If you are looking for where to buy soup online in Abuja or Lagos, then you might want to take a look at our top Kitchens in town below.

Potofsoups – Online shopping

This online soup marketplace is one of Nigeria’s biggest food vendor mainly serving homes, offices or places in Abuja or Lagos. They have a wide variety of local or ethnic affiliated soups in their store. You get to order for any kind of soup ranging from Okro Soup, Egusi soup, Afang soup, Edikaikong soup, Banga soup, Pepper soup, Oha soup and Ogbono soup among other mouth-watering sauces and stews. According to Potofsoups, one constant thing in their soups is the presence of stock fish or smoked fish, beef or cowskin popularly known as Ponmo or Kanda

Soupembassy – Order a bowl

This online store is aware of the hurdles cooks go through just to prepare dishes, for that reason, they have made it easier for you to order freshly prepared soups for your home, offices and have them however you like. What makes them unique is that not just soups are sold but its cooking materials to (condiments or ingredients if you like). One that caught my attention is 1 liter of Ogbono soup made with shaki, dried fish, stock fish, periwinkle, lobster, snail and correct ogiri okpei with vegetable. Try them out today.

In conclusion, which soup are you going to buy and with which store?

Tell us in the comment section.



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  1. Edna Chinemerem

    I have ordered from soup Embassy before and I was delighted. Here’s their address in case

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