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Cost of Iron Rods in Nigeria (2024)

Cost of Iron Rods in Nigeria (2024)

Reinforcements or Steel bars are important structural components of any building which are mainly used to receive and transfer loads from one point to another. They come in different sizes, sometimes the structural engineer may recommend the 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 10mm, 8mm, or others depending on the strength of material and other design specifications.

There are four steel bar types used for load bearing purposes. They include Cold Worked Steel, Prestressing Steel, Hot Rolled Deformed Bars and Mild Steel Plain bars.

The type commonly used in enhancing the tensile strength of concrete in beams and columns in Nigeria fall under the Hot Rolled Deformed Bars category and that is the most popular of all Rods types. In case you are going to the building material markets soon, these Reinforcements are commonly known as Iron rods by traders and it takes different finishing for different construction purposes.

For small to medium scale projects, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm bar sizes will economically do the work without adding unnecessary weight to the building. But for complex engineering constructions like bridges, and tunnel where length of work run in Kilometers of lengths, higher diameter bars will be needed so as not to degrade the structural integrity of the project

Reinforcement: Prices of Iron rods in Nigeria 2024

For Contractors, Real estate developers, structural engineers, Masons, Quantity surveyors or estimators who may want to know the price per kg of Iron rods in their locality, know now that it may vary as the amount provided here is the likely cost of this building material in this year.

Depending on how you choose to order for them, retail or wholesale quantities are usually sold per ton. Therefore, to make things easy, the amount per unit of TMT rod recommended by Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) is below.

The average price per ton of TMT iron rods for 24th July 2024 is ₦420,000. Below is the price list for a single 12 meter length of TMT rods.

Steel Diameter Per Ton Current Price
6 mm 376 pieces ₦1,200
8 mm 210 pieces ₦2,100
10 mm 134 pieces ₦3,300
12 mm 93 pieces ₦4,800
16 mm 52 pieces ₦8,500
20 mm 34 pieces ₦13,000
25 mm 21 pieces ₦21,000
30 mm 15 pieces ₦30,500

Note: since the amounts listed above are that for a unit rate, to get how much a tonnage costs, you have to multiply the unit amount with the corresponding quantity. For the prices of locally made Nigerian rods, a ton of 12mm Iron rod is ₦415,000 naira. The same price applies to other sizes per ton.

Standard length of Iron rods in the market

Depending on whether it is low gauge or full gauge, the normal sale length of Iron rods in the market equals 12 meters. That in imperial unit is approximately 39 ft 4 inches. For example, a ton of y16 reinforcement bar contains 52 pieces of 12 meter length steel bars in total. This is also applicable to other sizes like y10, y12, y16, y20 etc.

Stirrup Rebar costs

It will not be complete after talking about these rebars without mentioning their rings or the stirrups as they are professionally called in Building Technology. They come in smaller diameters as to enable easy bar bending and to hold these bars together at intervals. Their prices per unit is currently below ₦900.

Top Iron Rod manufacturers in Nigeria

This is a list of top producers of Iron rods in Nigeria today that comply with BS standards. This list does not target just steel mills in the country, but the ones that are into wholesale production of deformed steel bars.

Tiger TMT Iron Rods

The Tiger brand is a major manufacturer of hight quality bars for various construction purposes. Currently, they are the only rod producer with ISO 9001, CARES, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 accreditations. This brand is run in Nigeria by African Foundries Limited which is a subsidiary of African Industries Group Company. For sales and inquiries, the firm can be located at KM 45, Shagamu, Ikorodu Expressway, Ogijo, Ogun State.

Quantum Steels Nigeria Limited

This company is one of the top steel manufacturing companies in Nigeria that produce high quality products. The company is owned by Indian entrepreneurs who started out by refining steels meant to waste in Nigeria and turning them to reusable products. At first, the firm was known as Real Infrastructure Nigeria. It later got renamed to Quantum Steels. In 2009, its major mill was cited in Ogun and has since transformed into one of the major producers in this country. The companies physical address is at 16 KM, Ikorodu – Sagamu Road, Ogijo, Ogun State.

Saba Steel Industries Nigeria Limited

SABA steel manufacturing Industries Nigeria Pvt. Ltd. is a highly recommended reinforcement Bars company in Nigeria. It aims to produce for Nigerians and the rest of the world, reinforcing steel bars that meet with international standards. Through its high-tech, satisfactory and wholesale rod production system, it aims to takeover the countries supply of the product. This company can be located at 14 – 16 Mission Street, Kirikiri Apapa in Lagos State.

Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited

If you are looking for steel for construction purposes, Ajaokuta steel is a big supplier of Iron rods in a very large scale. Just make your orders and leave the rest of it in the hands of these trusted steel suppliers. For sales purposes, locate the company at Ajaokuta, Kogi State to get direct factory prices.

Dana Steel Company

The popular company, Dana makes our list of top steel manufacturers in Nigeria. The company is not just into steel, they are also into Airline, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles and other varying Indusrial Chemicals. As a matter of fact, the establishment ventured into Iron rod with the aim of diversifying its business. The good part of it is that all the quality services that Dana is known far is enforced in its steel sector. Now it has a modern Steel Rolling Mill in Katsina with a production capacity of 207,000 mts per annum. Their office is at KM 4, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway
Ijesha, Lagos

These are our top picks for Iron rod manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.

Originally posted 2023-04-17 16:22:32.

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  1. Ekisola oladisun

    I intend going into a construction of mosque, I need Iron rod. My concern is where do to get the materials and at a reasonable/ good quality.

    • please contact – Sunflag steel Nigeria ltd , located ( Ikorodu ) best price with good quality iron rods.

      Ogga. Barot
      09155292415 / 08029999848
      Sunflag Steel (Nigeria) Ltd-Ikorodu Unit.
      Plot:330, LSDPC Ind. Estate, Odogunyan Village, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

  2. Adetayo Adeyinka

    Pls I need the following local/economy iron rod for reselling
    4tonnes of 12mm
    2tonnes of 10mm
    1ton of 16mm

    Thanks as I wait for your speed response.

  3. Tayo Oluwakemi

    Nice job. Can u supply for me in Lagos, ketu ikosi area. With this same price and i will pay at delivery.
    Hope u get ur response

  4. Good morning please can i ⅓ ton of 12mm to buy because the one need is not up to half ton i stay at ijede side

  5. I need 6 tons of 12mm and 1 tons of 10 mm at Obada Abeokuta for reselling

  6. Elechukwu chisom

    I will love to join iron business

  7. You’re doing an impressive job. Quite informative.

  8. Ukuedejor William

    How much is 1 ton of 12mm, 1 ton of 10mm and 1 ton of 16mm? And can r management supply to Delta State?

  9. Ha cico lhaye construction company

    Good one , plz can you supply us in isolo oke afa?
    Very urgent.

  10. Can you furnish me with the prices of a ton of 12mm iron rod and of 16mm and mode of payment?
    Can it be delivered to Ijaye area, around Abule Egba, Lagos?

  11. Really appreciate

  12. I have remained iron rod after finishing our work that I will like to sell, 1.180mm
    2. 200mm
    3. 140mm
    4. 230mm
    Everything is 20tons .

    Pls I want a buyer for this material.

  13. Hello
    Am a Supplier of Iron Rod, from Ajah/lekki,Sangotedo Axis ….. and can also delivered to any location of your site …

  14. Can you please supply TMT iron rod of all sizes to Abuja? and at what cost??

  15. What does it require do business with TMT, am interested in their rods for reselling, thank you

  16. Hello,
    Pls I need the following local/economy iron rod for reselling
    4tonnes of 12mm
    2tonnes of 10mm
    1ton of 16mm

    Thanks as I wait for your speed response.

  17. Good evening all, please i need 4tons of 12mm rod (TMT). I want it to be supplied to Edo state.

  18. olakunle Majekodunmi Adeleke

    I need iron steel for resales in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State of Nigeria.

  19. Idubor-Williams Esq

    I want one ton of Tiger 25mm to be delivered to Jericho GRA, Ibadan by Monday 15/5/2022.

  20. Hello,
    Pls I need the following local/economy iron rod for reselling
    1ton of 12mm
    2tonnes of 10mm
    1ton of 16mm
    Please how do I place my order?

  21. Vassco nig ltd

    I do sell iron rods in large quantities and my company can also supply to any customer with my trucks to anywhere in Nigeria , please contacts us : 08023063494, 08034289012.

  22. Tunde Ogunbiyi

    We need urgent quote.

    Carbon steel square bar 100 x 100 mm length 6 meters
    Threaded bar M24 grade 12.9 10 pcs (standard length)
    Nuts M24 40 pcs
    Cast iron Bar diameter 50 mm length 1000 mm 1pc
    Cast iron Bar diameter 100 mm length 1000 mm 1pc
    Cast iron Bar diameter 150 mm length 1000 mm 1pc

  23. Perfect Concept

    Is it possible to supply us in Benin City? 3 tons of 16mm

  24. I need 4 tones of 12mm
    30 pieces of 10mm
    10 piece of 20mm
    68 piece of 16mm

  25. I need 4 tones of 12mm
    30 pieces of 10mm
    10 piece of 20mm
    68 piece of 16mm
    Can you deliver at Ibadan

  26. Hi please I want to buy 1ton of 16mm to be delivered in Benin ,how much will it cost me

    • Reply
      I am from Hongxing Steel Limited
      Plot 52c Nosak road, Amuwo Odofin. Industrial scheme, Lagos state

      We produce quality iron rods, local and TMT,

      You can buy from us and We can also supply to any part of the state in the country.

      Pls contact me on
      [email protected]

  27. I am a merchant in iron rod sales 8mm, 10mm, 12 mm and much is it by tons and how much do I resell in units

  28. I need sand and cement

  29. Gibson Chukwuekete

    What does it take to do business of TMT Iron rods company. I have my outlet in Ayobo Area of Lagos? Strategically placed. In high demand are 12mm, 16mm, 8mm, 10mm and stirrups.

    Current cost of above mentioned in tons and recommended unit price please.

  30. I intend building a two storey building

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