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Price of Samsung Fridge in Nigeria Today

Price of Samsung Fridge in Nigeria Today

Have you been contemplating or having doubts about Samsung refrigerators? Worry no more than this article will lead you through and answer every unanswered question you have about Samsung refrigerators. You will also get the latest prices of Samsung fridge in Abuja, Lagos and Nigeria so let’s get started

Samsung Refrigerators; An Overview.

Samsung is a well-known brand, and they take pride in creating appliances that are created with and for its customers. The fact that Samsung home appliances may be tailored to any individual style means that your refrigerator can reflect both your personality and your needs.

Samsung’s Renowned Refrigerator Features

#1. Samsung Bespoke Series

Appliances that are completely yours are available in the Custom refrigerator series. You can choose from bright and eccentric coating to sleek steel. Choose between 12 distinct colors and two different finish options to customize your Samsung refrigerator. Choose for bold dawn yellow to let the sun in or dusty charcoal for a contemporary appearance.

This Samsung refrigerator differs from other models in a number of ways thanks to its particular features, which are plentiful. A built-in pitcher that automatically refills and an internal water dispenser are also available in the indoor beverage center, which also offers access to cold, purified water in both of these methods. Also included is an automatic ice maker that produces both regular ice cubes and Ice Bites, which are tiny chunks of ice.

This Samsung refrigerator is a smart appliance that you can link to your home Wi-Fi network and the Samsung SmartThings app on your smartphone. You can control the fridge’s temperature, keep an eye on how much energy it uses, and get notifications about it using this app.

#2. Samsung Family Hub

Samsung refrigerators with Family Hub technology allow you to always be in contact with your appliance. Improve your Bespoke custom refrigerator with a better touchscreen to look up cook times, recipes, and other information.

Durability Of Samsung Fridge

The 20-year warranty on the essential parts of large appliances is proof that Samsung is committed to offering people high-quality, long-lasting products that enhance their life at home. Just like the Haier Thermocool Refrigerator, new Samsung Fridge comes with assured warranty. The Price of new Haier Thermocool Fridge is quite comparable to that of Samsung.

Samsung’s faith and dedication to its goods are shown in the expansion of the guarantee from the basic 10-year warranty for both Europe and the United States to up to 20 years.

Prior to replacement, a Samsung refrigerator should endure for at least 10 to 15 years. Certain versions may last longer or shorter, though, depending on how well they are manufactured and how often they are used. To ensure your purchase is protected, look into the warranty.

The voltage and current of the electricity, exposure to the elements, and frequent door openings are among the usage conditions that are crucial in deciding whether the typical life span is reached.

But be aware that depending on things like how well they are built and how frequently they are used, some models might last longer or shorter. Also, just like with automobiles, a reputable brand can be purchased but still have dual cooling issues.

Prices Of Samsung Fridges In Nigeria

Price of Samsung Fridge Price In Naira
Samsung one door fridge 250,000
Samsung RT26 fridge 260L 385,000
Samsung Double Door standing super 500,000
Samsung 647 Liters side by side 950,000
Samsung 265 Liters Duracool chest 271,500
Samsung inverter fridge side by side 1,800,000
Samsung side-by-side refrigerator 890,000
Samsung side-by-side fridge and freezer 450,000
Samsung inverter double doors 370,000
Samsung 3 door inverter side by side 1,630,000
Samsung inverter two door fridge 252L + ice maker 282,500
Samsung one door fridge 210,000
Samsung 243 liters digital inverter double 380,000
Samsung 62L 3- door side-by-side fridge 1,910,000
Samsung refrigerator RT46 325,000
Samsung 251L Top freezer refrigerator 285,000
Samsung side by side, 3 door refrigerator 242,000
Samsung inverter refrigerator 300,000
Samsung side-by-side refrigerator 980,000
Samsung All round cooling top mount 165,000
Samsung wine refrigerator 800,000

Price of Samsung Fridges in Lagos

Samsung Fridge In Lagos Price in Naira
Samsung inverter fridge 251L two door 282,500
Side by side 640L Samsung refrigerator 1,350,000
Samsung 395L Duracool top mount 474,500
Samsung side-by-side Ref with touch screen 2,550,000
Samsung 630L French door fridge 1,748,000
Samsung standing fridge 300,000
192 liter Samsung single door fridge 210,000
Samsung side-by-side fridge with dispenser 2,100,000
Samsung 595L side by side 985,000
Samsung inverter 630L fridge 4 Door + ice cube maker 1,690,000
Samsung refrigerator side by side 744,000
Samsung fridge Inverter linear 250 205,000

 Price of Samsung Refrigerators In Abuja

Samsung Refrigerators Price in Naira
Samsung side by side 3 doors with water 1,150,000
Samsung refrigerator RT46 325,000
Samsung 251 liters top freezer refrigerator 285,000
Samsung side-by-side refrigerator 890,000
Samsung side-by-side refrigerator 617 liters 1,350,000
Samsung Freezer 687,000
Samsung wine refrigerator 800,000
Samsung refrigerator 630 liters with water dispenser 2,100,000
Samsung refrigerator double door 380 liters 335,000

Price of Fairly Used Samsung Fridges

Samsung Fridge Price In Naira
Samsung, French 3 doors refrigerator 360,000
300 liters Samsung refrigerator 180,000
350 liters Samsung inverter refrigerator 250,000
Samsung double door Non-frost refrigerator 220,000
225 liters Samsung free frost fridge 100,000
500 liters Samsung double door fridge 150,000
Samsung, French 3 door refrigerator 360,000
Samsung side-by-side fridge 200,000
Samsung 212 liters refrigerator 115,000
Samsung Zipel side-by-side fridge 500,000
Samsung 550 liters side by side 290,000
Direct UK used a Samsung refrigerator 190,000
Samsung double doors standing inverter 350,000
Samsung side-by-side refrigerator with water 350,000
Samsung fridge – freezer with water 140,000
Samsung inverter upright freezer 150,000
Samsung double side-by-side fridge 355,000
Samsung inverter refrigerator 650 liters 300,000
Samsung Electrolux side by side 250,000
Samsung inverter refrigerator 140,000
Samsung standing freezer 180,000

 Samsung Chest And Deep Freezers

Although buying food in bulk and using a Samsung chest freezer to store, it is always thought to be an effective method to save money, storing all that extra food can be challenging. This device is made to deal with the issue of frozen food long-term storage.

A free-standing kitchen equipment called a Samsung chest freezer offers a lot of room for storing frozen meals.There, bulkier foods can be kept, freeing up space in the refrigerator’s freezer compartment for frozen meals and other convenience foods.

The Samsung chest freezer has an 112-hour freezing capacity, which ensures that the contents stay frozen for 112 hours even in the event of a power outage, making life more convenient and stress-free. It also has anti-rust protection, as the freezer’s body is zinc coated and thus is protected from rust.

Deep freezers are becoming a necessity, particularly during the hot summers. You will undoubtedly need a deep freezer to store the goods in order to keep them fresh for extended periods of time if you are starting an ice cream shop, store, or restaurant.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should a Samsung refrigerator be set up? -19°C and 3°C (-2°F and 38°F), respectively, are the optimal temperatures for the freezer and refrigerator compartments. It is important to manually change the temperature if the freezer and refrigerator compartments are either too hot or too cold.
  • What is the life expectancy of Samsung Refrigerators? Samsung refrigerators typically last ten (10) to fifteen (15) years with proper care and maintenance. The usage conditions, which are crucial determinants of whether the average life span is achieved, include electrical voltage and current, exposure to the elements, and routine door opening.
  • What voltage is needed for a Samsung refrigerator? It eliminates the need for a stabilizer and can function at voltages as low as 135V and as high as 290V.


We have explained everything about Samsung refrigerators, the prices of Samsung Refrigerators in Nigeria and some states. Also, the prices of fairly used Samsung refrigerators. I hope any questions or doubts about Samsung refrigerators have Ben cleared through this article.

Originally posted 2023-05-10 07:25:39.

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