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Sesame seed prices per Ton, Kg in Nigeria 2021

The Benne seed popularly called Sesame is a flowering plant of the Sesamum indicum genus that are grown in both Africa and India mainly for its economic benefits. It belongs to the Pedaliaceae family and contains a precious oil which accounts for about 45 to 50 percent of it’s contents.

In essence, Sesame is an oilseed that is cultivated for its numerous industrial, commercial and health benefits. They have been proven to be a good source of protein, fats, Vitamin B and fiber when added to your daily food diets.

Currently, the seed is a hotcake and demands for it is actually high. Nigeria exportation of the Benne seed is on the increase annually. Towards the last quarter of the year 2017, Nigeria ranked as the largest producer of Sesame seed in Africa and the 3rd biggest in the World trades market with an output of 580,000 tonnes annually.

Local suppliers or famers of this seed can be found in the Northern parts of the country like in Jigawa, Nasarawa and Sokoto. So also in Middle-Beltan states like Benue, Gombe, Kogi and Plateau. This could be because the cash crop is draught-resistant and thrives with little or no artificial fertilizer.

Cost of Sesame seed in Nigeria

Just like other economic seeds, it comes in different varieties resulting in its white, brown, yellow, red and even black colors. The white and Brown types are available in Nigeria with the white ones being more expensive than the later.

It is sold in sacks (bags) or kg by most of it’s retailers and in tonnes by it’s wholesalers.

The average price of pure white Sesame seed is ₦660,000 NGN per tonne while the price of the brown Sesame seed is ₦560,000 per tonne.
Below is a tabulated and more detailed view of our prices.

Sesame seed Quantity Current prices
White Per ton ₦660,000
Brown Per ton ₦560,000
White Per Kg ₦700
Brown Per Kg ₦600

Price of Sesame seed and oil in Nigeria
In Nigerian local markets, the golden seed is called Beniseed or Beneseed and it belongs to the Spermatophyte division.

Let us know if you notice any outrageous discrepancy in the price of this cash crop from what is obtainable in markets across the country.

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  1. Your analysis was spectacular.,but it did not include price per tonne in the international market like on Germany, Netherlands and India.

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    Are the prices above for sesame seeds current please? I will be interested in buying.

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    We need 1000 tons of white sesame seeds and 1000 tons of soybeans delivered to us in Lagos asap. Let me know if you can supply
    Barr. Philip.

  4. Good day Victoria Gana, We are suppliers of quality sesame seeds. We can export to any part of the world in any volume. Kindly contact us via email on or whatsapp on +2348066980815. Thank you.


    Can sesame be planted around early November in Nigeria? Perhaps with irrigation system. I wanna know pls.

  6. We need 300 tons sesame seeds.
    Need f.o.r .lagos port prices

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    I can also link you to Local producers.

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