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Cost of Maize per ton in Nigeria 2021

The annual cereal crop called Maize otherwise known as Corn is a staple grain of the Grasses family grown in all parts of West Africa and all over the world as food for man, feed for animals and for other industrial uses.

The grain itself whether white or yellow are produced more in large quantities in the Northern parts of Nigeria as seen in Kaduna markets. Not minding, Nigeria still imports Corn in an average of about 400,000 metric tons from top world producers of maize annually in order to meet up with her internal usage needs since 2009 till date.

Just like other grains like Sorghum, Rice, Millet, Oats, Cowpea, Wheat, Zea mays L. is also cultivated for its economic gains like foreign exchange, internal revenue generation and provision of sustainable employment and means of livelihood to Farmers.

Current prices of Maize in Nigeria

Today we took a walk to some markets in Lagos and we found out that an average price of Maize in Nigeria is ₦13,000 per 50 kg bag and ₦260,000 per tonne as at November 2021

Here goes the pricing for the white or yellow maize per tonne in Nigeria

Maize type Price per ton
White ₦250,000
Yellow ₦270,000

Prices of yellow maize per ton in Nigeria

Below is a breakdown of the cost of buying the white or yellow cereal per bag in Nigeria

Maize type Price per bag
White ₦25,000
Yellow ₦27,000

Prices of white maize per bag in Nigeria

Notify us if you notice any outrageous discrepancy in this commodity price.

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