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Cost of Maize per ton in Nigeria 2024

Cost of Maize per ton in Nigeria 2024

The annual cereal crop called Maize otherwise known as Corn is a staple grain of the Grasses family grown in all parts of West Africa and all over the world as food for man, feed for animals and for other industrial uses.

The grain itself whether white or yellow are produced more in large quantities in the Northern parts of Nigeria as seen in Kaduna markets. Not minding, Nigeria still imports Corn in an average of about 400,000 metric tons from top world producers of maize annually in order to meet up with her internal usage needs since 2009 till date.

Just like other grains like Sorghum, Rice, Millet, Oats, Cowpea, Wheat, Zea mays L. is also cultivated for its economic gains like foreign exchange, internal revenue generation and provision of sustainable employment and means of livelihood to Farmers.

Current prices of Maize in Nigeria 2024

Today we took a walk to some markets in Lagos and we found out that an average price of Maize in Nigeria is ₦30,000 per 50 kg bag and ₦880,000 per ton as at 20th May 2024

Here goes the pricing for the white or yellow maize per ton in Nigeria

Maize type Price per ton
White ₦760,000
Yellow ₦880,000

Prices of yellow maize per ton in Nigeria

Below is a breakdown of the cost of buying the white or yellow cereal per bag in Nigeria

Maize type Price per 100kg bag
White ₦56,000
Yellow ₦58,000

Prices of white maize per bag in Nigeria

Notify us if you notice any outrageous discrepancy in this commodity price.

Originally posted 2023-09-02 06:00:05.

Comments (75)

  1. Berkeley Consulting Associates Limited

    Please can you link me with any reliable suppliers of corn/ maize about 20 metric tonnes per month.
    Quotation needed for delivery to Eqypt.
    – 20% of the payment with certified documents
    – 30% on board ; and,
    – 50% on delivery.

  2. Kindly contact me for your request.
    I’ll provide supplies for you.

  3. Hello.
    I have 25 acres of yellow (dried) maize farm ready for harvest, and 23 acres of Cassava to be ready in 2 months for harvest in Ogun State.
    Any off-takers contact me on.

    • How do I contact you.pls name your price Nd location

    • Goldridge Company

      We’re off-takers of corns and some other crops. We have interest and capacity of buying corn in tons. Please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you

  4. Hello.
    I have a tonne of yellow dried maize for sale in Kobape,Ogun State.and more on request.
    Any off-takers contact me.

  5. I have yellow corn for sale at Ogun state


    If you have maize or cassava and you need off taker kindly contact me for discussion.

  7. Pls I need a trusted and reliable buyers that I will be supplying not less than 30tons per week. Contact me with 08066149735

  8. I have tons of yellow Maize available at ole oyi, ilorin. Any off takers should contact me on 07061642831

  9. I have I0 acre of maize and Io acre of cassava at in Ogun state pls prospective offtakers should contact me with 08087353059

  10. We have 15tons of yellow corn of takers are needed at illorin with a good price contact 08028687889.

  11. We have 5tons of yellow corn off takers are needed at Akure with a good price contact 08078730377

  12. At HopeAlive farm in Oyo State, we have maize in tonnes for offtakers. Do contact on whatsapp or call 08076737637

  13. At Ajegold farms in Ogun state, we have over 50 tons of red maize, prospective off takers and buyers should contact the manager. 09122975495

  14. any available buyers, I have 10 tons for sell. contact me 08060142308

  15. Michael Oguntodu

    Good day everyone, I have very dried yellow Maize at good price contact my number 08136671010

  16. Good evening everyone, I have 90 tons of yellow maize at Oyo, with the moisture content of 13-14%. Kindly call or WhatsApp 07065809010

  17. I have a ton of white maize at Sobe Edo state.

    I need a buyer and good price

  18. I can supply nothing less than 30 tons per week call me or WhatsApp for more info. 08169836580

  19. We have 3 – 5 tons of corn for sale in Ado Ekiti. Buyers needed. For enquiries contact: 07031806819; 07052134531.

  20. Hello
    i am interested in the maize trade,but would appreciate if anyone is willing to assist me,you call reach me on 08025038823

  21. I have large quantities of dried yellow maize at Abeokuta for urgent sales. Contact 08023295927

  22. Raheem Adebukola Ibraheem

    I have large quantities of both white and yellow maize. Call this number below: 0-806-954-4414

  23. ~ 900 Tonnes of Corn available

    Contact [email protected]

  24. 60tonnes of yellow Maize available. Location: Ido local government. Ibadan oyo state

    [email protected]

  25. Commodity Trader


    If you have maize or soyabean, white/yellow sorghum, PKN , 15tons above and you’re in need of off taker kindly contact me for further details as we have off takers for different commodities
    [email protected]


  26. Faleti kazeem Akinkunmi

    hello everyone,
    please how bags of maize are there in one ton, then how many tons are there in one acre of land?



    CONTACT US VIA: [email protected] OR WHATSAPP/CALL:+2349071700823.

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  29. Please I need a farm that can give me from 10 tonnes of white corn upwards weekly or monthly as the case may be. Kindly contact me on 08134218180 or email [email protected], [email protected].
    Please treat as urgent

  30. I need A MAIZE SUPPLIER that can deliver up to 300 tons of good quality maize to Ajanla Village in Ibadan

  31. I need A MAIZE SUPPLIER that can deliver up to 300 tons of good quality maize to Ajanla Village in Ibadan

  32. We are consultants in the agro-allied field,and provide potential clients with competent suppliers

  33. We have maize(White and Yellow) 50tons and above available for Sales location Lafia
    Contact [email protected]

  34. Presently. I have 50 bags of corn ortherwhise known sa (maize) for sale an intrestete buyer should call on this number 08108223338.

  35. Folten Global Ventures

    i also have a Ton of White Maize ready to leave from Oyo town

  36. Oasis Agricultural Services

    Oasis Agricultural Services needs offtakers for watermelon. Contact numbers are as follows: 07031806819; 07052134531.

  37. Hello we have 600 bags of white maize 100kg bags for sale. Location is jos plateau state. Contact: batury berrys farm jos 08035939826

  38. Masaba and Makera Agro

    I’m a very reliable supplier of maize from the North. Whatsapp/call 09161644811

  39. Hello Dear sir/ma, I have 60 bags of con for sale presently in Kogi State, call
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  40. Hello all, I reside in Kaduna state and would like to be a marketer/partner for/with anyone interested. You can reach me on 08081724583
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  41. Yellow Dry Corn

    I have 5 bags of Yellow dry corn for sale.
    Location: Lifecamp, Abuja

  42. I have 5 bags of Yellow dry corn for sale.
    Location: Lifecamp, Abuja

  43. Good day, I currently have 25 acres of white maize farm which will be ready for harvest at the end of August, 2022

    Location is Abeokuta, Ogun State

    Projected ton is 30 metric tons

    For Enquiry +2348065738438

  44. Uteb Farms Nig.

    We have yellow maize in large quantity. Interested buyers an contact us via: [email protected]

  45. Authentic Food Basket

    I have dried yellow corn to supply in Iwo,Osun State. Anybody that is interested should reach me on 08037372663.

  46. We 10 tons of yellow corn for sale at N200,000 per ton (farmgate price):
    Location: Iseyin, Oyo State
    Contact: [email protected]

  47. I have 10 bags of White dry maize to sell in Ibadan Oyo State I need serious buyer. Please contact me on 08035827779

  48. Greetings!
    Does anyone process yellow maize into clean sandfree Flour?
    Please contact me on [email protected]

  49. Shield Global Services cte

    We have 200,000 metric tonnes of white maize ready for pick up, @ ₦220,000/ ton call or Whatsapp @09161938329 or email us at [email protected]

  50. I have more than 180 tons of yellow maize at Kogi state please kindly contact me I’m ready to supply you if we agreed on price 08072007277

  51. Who has maize available for sale and how much.

    Call me: 08020708480

  52. my name is Mr Aaron T. Ute,I have 30 bags of corn for sale, the location is in Jos, I also help people to buy maize in a very large quantity, an interested costomer should call me on this number 08108223338.

  53. I have about 40 acres of Maize to sell. Contact on 08029713324 if interested

  54. Oasis Agricultural Multibiz Concept

    I can supply dry maize at N 400,000 per ton.

  55. I have 100tons of maize for sell, location; Abuja, contact me via call & WhatsApp; 08133468706. serious buyers please.

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