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Cost of Cassava per ton in Nigeria (2024)

Cost of Cassava per ton in Nigeria (2024)

Cassava is a woody shrub of the Spurges family which are grown as perennial vegetables in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world mainly as an edible carbohydrate-giving starchy tuberous root. In west Africa, planting and harvesting of Cassava is done annually by farmers in the rural and suburban areas mainly for economic reasons.

In a year, there exist two seasons when farmers cultivate Cassava stems. The first season is called Early planting while the second is called Late planting. Early planting of cassava begins in February and ends in June while Late planting starts from October till December each year. As true as this maybe, rainfall has always been a major deciding factor as to when a season begins and ends.

Depending on soil fertility, rainfall and other favorable weather conditions, Cassava stems take at least 6 months to bear tubers underneath it. That period can be extended to 10 months to 1 year to allow the Cassava tubers to fully mature. If left unharvested after a year and 3 months, the tubers might begin to depreciate in quality depending on the Cassava variety. Some may begin to rotten inside the ground leading to loss of money in its raw form.

After a successful harvest, a subsistence farmer would process it for family use. If you planted for commercial purposes, then you will definitely be making arrangements on how to sell your products. Now cassava has many By-products or even derivatives you can sell and make money. The more money is usually made in selling these processed or refined products of Cassava.

By-products of Cassava

  • Cassava starch
  • Cassava flour
  • Cassava chips
  • Garri (Eba)
  • Akpu (Fufu)
  • Abacha (Bobozi / Flakes)

Price per ton of Cassava

The truth is that if you sell your freshly-harvested Cassava tubers to retailers or manufacturers who are going to use it to produce anyone if the above-listed byproducts, you will make your own little money as the cultivator and then loose the money you would have made for processing it yourself.

It is always advisable to go this extra mile for large-scale Cassava farmers.
As per our market research, we found out that the prices of cassava in the Nigerian markets vary from one state to another, but the average price per ton of Cassava starch is between ₦400,000 to ₦450,000, the price per ton of Cassava flour is between ₦350,000 to ₦350,000 while the price per ton of Cassava chips sells for an average of ₦70,000.

Uses of Cassava products

  • For making of Snacks
  • The chips are used in making poultry feed
  • The flour is used in making spaghetti and noodles
  • Used in the sugar industry to produce fructose, glucose etc
  • As food for human consumption
  • Used in making of Alcohol and other Acids
  • Used in Chemical industries to produce coatings, emulsifiers etc
  • For making of degradable plastic articles

Help us stay up to date by telling us what Cassava currently sells in your locality.

Originally posted 2023-04-17 22:44:25.

Comments (78)

  1. Fortune Bassey

    I need large quantity off-takers of Cassava flour and starch both in Nigeria and foreign market

    • Godwin Ndowong

      I can supply you with any quantity of cassava flour with high quality flour.

    • We are based in the UK and looking for supplier of cassava starch, needs to be GM free

      • Winners Hanson Bassey

        ANNYHANZ INDUSTRIAL FARMS can supply you with cassava starch, cassava flour, cassava chips, corn starch, corn flour and corn oil as much u need…

      • Tremrish’s forte Nigeria limited

        We can supply you tons of starch

      • Would like to discuss more on d possibility of partnering with you on the supply of cassava starch to u.

        • Hi Akomolafe!

          I’m Rufus L. Cole from Liberia, West Africa. I learnt from this site that you are in search of a potential partner for the supply of cassava starch. If this is true, please contact me via email address below for a better business deal.

      • Olukorede Adeyemi Sowobi

        Hi Mr Paul, reach me via WhatsApp 081 2049 7781 for further discussion.

      • Powdered Cassava Starch

        Hi Paul!
        I’m Rufus L. Cole from FUN-JEB Agribusiness Link Incorporated. FUN-JEB Agribusiness Link is located in Liberia, West Africa. Our business line cut across the agriculture value chains of cassava, palm, rice, and vegetable. Additionally, we process and trade in cassava-based products like white and yellow cassava gari, cassava starch, cassava flour, and dried cassava chips.

        I learnt from this site that you are based in the UK and are searching for a cassava starch supplier. If this is true, I wish if you could contact me the below email to discuss futher.

      • We are exporter.of agricultural product talk to us today and we get the product to your doorstep with or without money call +2347059000488 wassap +2348063437093
        Email [email protected]

    • Good day I have 6-7 tones of cassava starch here is my contact info 07025739636

    • you can contact OT agro-processing industries

  2. Please what is the current market price of a tonne of cassava tuber?

    • The price as at July 2021 is around ₦60,000 (depending on where the market is located in)

  3. We sell and supply Garri, lebu, ladu (all cassava flour) Elubo isu (flour made from yam tuber), dry ginger and garlics, snails, onions, groundnut, cashew nuts, red oil, dry pepper dry tomatoes,cashew seeds, stock fish, dry fish egusi seeds, ogbono seeds and so on within and outside Nigerian.

    We are registered company in Nigeria.

  4. Can you help with the direct contacts of cassava tuber buyers in Ota, Ogun state and environs

  5. Royalty Star world

    I have a large farm and i can supply you large quantities of Maize, cassava and plantain.. Lemme be your plug, my product are dieases, pest free… If you’re interested and to know more information please write to my mail.
    Thank you

  6. I need 35,000 tons of quality cassava chips asap.

    • good evening . I have cassava for sale on 10 hectres. here is my contact if interested.. 08138521338. same as my whatsapp no

  7. I can supply cassava as many quantity u wat,nigeria,uk,USA,chain

  8. How much is a ton of cassava tuber in rivers state

  9. Olumide Olajide

    My name is Olumide Olajide.our company registered in Nigeria can supply all cassava by-product for your needs in large metric tonnes

    • Good morning Mr Olumide

      Kindly let me know if you still have cassava tubers for sale and the price per tonne

      Awaiting your response

      Warm regards

  10. I can supply 35000 tons of cassava tuber in Lagos. Anyone interested in buying should contact Mr Sam

  11. Mathew Makanjuola

    I have cassava tuber here at abeokuta,mile 8…any quantity you want and good stakes for planting

  12. Nnaemena Stephen EKENE

    I Can supply 3 hectres of land of cassava , extimated 20 tones and more. Interest person can call me or chat me on my line this week or next week at most.

    Location Nigeria, Delta state,Asaba

  13. I have cassava tuber ready for uptake in Owode area of ogun state
    Please contact me on 08023417445 if you are interested


    I would have a tonnage of Cassava root for sale by December. Kindly beep me via my Email: [email protected] if you are interested in buying

  15. Please I have ten acres of cassava farm I want to sell them off in tons any reliable buyer or any one with the right source should please indicate. And how much is a ton

    • Good day Paulo, where is your cassava farm located. Am interested in buying the cassava from your farm. Kindly reach out to me via this no. 08036361970 for further discusuion.
      Best Regards

  16. Godwin
    I have about two acres of cassava for sale in Ifo, Ogun state. Willing buyer should kindly indicate.
    Contact me via: [email protected]

  17. Olatunji Jackson

    How much is a ton of cassava in iseyin, Oyo state? Pls , how many ton of cassava will fill cabstar? Thanks

  18. Desmav Investment

    Please what is the current price of cassava tuber per ton as at this month November 2021

  19. In my community they’re enough cassava for sell and is not costly
    I have mine for sell and I can still connect you to many others who are ready to sell theirs.

    Come and buy!

    Contact me if u are interested: 09061567438.

  20. I need 30tonnes cassava tubers regularly from Abia, Delta and Edo ASAP
    Need your (1)farm get price: with and without delivery
    2) Mkt price.
    I Will go for best price. Pls contact me on 08130137186

  21. Hello,

    I work for a company that farms Cassava.We currently have about 800 tons.Please we are looking for buyers.

    • Good day Mr John

      Do you still have the cassava tubers for sale and what is your current price per ton?

      My organization is interested in buying

      Warm regards

      • Orinoco Agro Enterprise

        Tobi, We are ready to serve you.

        Leave your contact details or email, we will reach out to you.

        Orinoco Agro Enterprise.

  22. I need cassava flour in large quantity
    Email me if you have useful info

    • Good day sir
      You said you need cassava flour we product quality cassava flour, strach and chips at Hill’s grown and also deliver to your door step how may we contact you Sir

      • Good day Mr Sule

        Please I need cassava chips in tons, do you still have them available? I would like to know your price per ton

        Warm regards

  23. Pls I need about 50,000 tones of cassava in Ibadan or Ogun state contact me asap 09152515545

    • Good day sir,I saw your message this is why i want to connect with you to inform you that i have 2acres of cassavas to sale in Ibadan.

      i will appreciate your quick response.


  24. I need cassava tubers supplied to Ogun state 500 tonnes every week. Contact if you have 08162617550

  25. We have cassava tubers and stems premium certified by IITA for sale at Olabel Farms Limited. My name is Adaeze Ike you can contact me on 08029780170

  26. Harret Ebere Ohaeme

    Good morning, I have 16acre of raw cassava in benue to sell. Kindly call on +2348085879192.

    Thank you

  27. Earnest Akinnubi

    Cassava tubers for sale how many tones do you need call me on this line 07037821380

  28. I have 2 acres of cassava tubers TME 419 for sale by May 2020. If you are interested kindle DM me on
    08163268317. Thank you.

  29. We have 10 acres of TME 419 cassava up for sale now in Ogun state, Nigeria. Contact us on 08127487023

  30. Hi Kayode

    How much are you selling per acre?


  31. Odetayo Babatunde

    i have about 15 hectares of cassava in Odeda area of Ogun state, Nigeria. I can supply anyone interested in cassava tubers. both locally and internationally. i get cassava all round the year.
    Anyone interested should contact me on +2348122878954

  32. Odetayo Babatunde

    @ DR ID OJOYE.. Good afternoon sir, if you need cassava , you can contact me on my line above.

  33. My name is paul abba, i have cassava tubers and sterm for sell.
    Call me on 08130474479.
    Location is itakpa, obi LGA in benue

  34. Gbadamosi Rasheed

    I have 20 tone of cassava I want to sale contact 08065151501

  35. I have of TME 419 high starch content cassava up for sale now ,in Ijebu ,Ogun state, Nigeria. Contact me or wassapp me on08064147030 or 0708 749 6837

  36. Akindele femi

    Can supply you once you’re ready

  37. Akindele femi

    Can supply you once you’re ready. Reach me please

  38. Akindele femi

    Can supply you once you’re ready. Reach me please!

  39. I have cassava tubers for sale at Nsukka Enugu state, interested WhatsApp or call 08154440964

  40. Please I have over 100 tonnes of cassava for sale at lanlate..

    You can reach me on 08164449515

  41. HI everyone,
    I am new on this page , so can someone pls tell me , how much is tonnes of cassava tuber.

    Pls I will appreciate quick response.


    1 acre of cassava tuber in (ITORI) Ogun state would be available by October for pickup. Interested/Prospective buyer kindly reach out on +2347069013366

  43. Good day everyone, pls i have 2 acres of cassava to sale. you can mail me if you are interested. [email protected]


  44. I have 2 acres of cassava in Ibadan for sale and if you are interested, you can Mail me pls


  45. Contact me if you have cassava for sale around the southeast. 08123144602

  46. Hello house, I have 9acres of cassava for sale in Iseyin at the need of August 2022, you can reach me on 07038646916

  47. I have cassava tubers available for sale in Enugu state. Any interested buyers should contact me for more details

  48. Good day all. i have Tons of cassava tubers for sale. interested buyers can contact me on 08097594164

  49. OBADIAH Akinwumi

    I am a registered agro-bee Ondo state Nigeria. We supply any colour of garri and cassava flour . Contact [email protected] or 07034665036/07056067214

  50. Hello, am in need of dry cassava chips any serious seller should contact me ASAP 09093174228

  51. I worked with a company that is into the manufacturing of cassava starch processing factories. We provide financial assistance with 70% on the total factory cost set-up and is payable between 2 to 5 years. We also have a ready market for the cassava starch and we will do this on weekly basis. You can email me on [email protected]

  52. 785353 478774Hmm, I never thought about it that way. I do see your point but I think many will disagree 232304

  53. Orinoco Agro Enterprise

    Good day Agrominds,

    Wishing you all a happy Weekend.

    We have 15 acres worth of TME 419 mature nutritious cassava, ready for offtake at ilase, idiroko, ogun state. Interested buyers reach out to us asap

    contact us @ 08121471916

    Be sure to know you’d have fun doing business with us 😊

  54. Please what is the current price of a ton of raw cassava in Ogun state.

  55. Am Taiwo, the CEO of Tmafarms.
    We’re into cassava plantation down to buy-product of Crunchy Garri Ijebu (White) and Fufu Flour and other related crops.
    You can reach me via WhatsApp
    +2347017543802 or
    [email protected]

  56. Hello house I have about 80 tonnes of cassava tuber at ishiun, abeokuta, ogun state, very fresh and big

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