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Price List: Cost of Fish Feed Per bag, kg in Nigeria 2021

The different prices of fish floaten feeds in Nigeria depends on their protein contents. Some have 35% protein, some 45% etc. There are also different sizes. There are Coppens, 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. The size of feed you give to your fish depends on the size/age of the fish, In Nigeria, the current price of coppens fish feed is ₦8000. There are Top Fish Feed, Aller Fish Feed, Blue Crown Fish Feed, Zeigler Fish Feed etc. These fish feeds can be bought from fish feed stores or any veterinary shops across the country. The different fish feed brands have their different prices. To be honest, fish floaten feed are very expensive therefore before going into fish farming, it’s good you know the quantity of feed a fish consumes to get to one kg so that you’ll have a nice budget and not run into debt along the process. A fish consumes an average of 800 grams of fish feed before is gets to 1 kg. Some fish eat only 600 grams to get to a kilogram and above while some 700 but the average feed consumes by a fish to get to a kg is 800 grams. This means if you multiply 800 grams by the number of fish in your farm or the number of fish you intend to stock, you’ll surely know the total quantity of feed required to raise your fish from hatchings to adult fish. This means that in order to feed 1000 fish to a weight of 1 kg and above, you’ll need 800 x 1000 which is 800,000 grams which is also equivalent to 800 kg. This implies that, you’ll need approximately 67 bags of fish feed after they must have passed the coppens stage to to achieve 1 kg and above.

Feeding Fish with maggots

Maggots can be used to reduce the cost of feeding fish. Maggots are very rich in protein and can be used as supplements as fish feed and poultry feed production. Feeding fishes with maggots helps enhance their growth level because of the high protein contents of maggots. Production of maggots is very easy, if you drop a rotten animal or animal droppings, maggots can be formed and produced easily. But the maggots produced with such methods might either not be enough or are very difficult in harvesting. It requires an expert who knows how to harvest maggots in bulk to teach you how to do it. Besides that, there are a few good eBooks from amazon you can actually read and Do it yourself. The best I’ve come across is Maggots as Suppliments for Fish Feed and Poultry Feed Production by Mathew Okara. See also Price List of Poultry feeds in Nigeria

23 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria

  • Gemma wean feed for hatchings
  • Premium Fish Feed
  • Top Fish Feed
  • Blue Crown Fish Feed
  • Vital Fish Feed
  • Zeigler Fish Feed
  • Chi fish Feed
  • Ace Fish Feed
  • Aqua Fish Feed
  • Crown Fish Feed
  • Vision Fish Feed
  • Prime Fish Feed
  • Mogbam Fish Feed
  • Aqualis Fish Feed
  • Tropical Fish Feed
  • Ornamental Fish Feed
  • Fish Food Flakes
  • Aler Aqua Fish Feed
  • Skretting Fish Feed
  • Fish Feed Nutri Source
  • Aqua Special Floating Fish Feed
  • Aqualic Fish Feed
  • Ecoflat fish feed

Current Price of Fish Feed in Nigeria 2021

The average price of fish floaten feed from 2 mm and above with at least 45% protein as at August 2021 is ₦15,300. While the average price of coppens from o.1 mm to 0.8 mm is ₦9,800. The average price of ovaprim and ovulin in Nigeria is ₦8,500.


FEED size (mm) Price per bag
Atemia for fries 0.01 ₦9,500
Coppens 0.1 to 0.8 mm ₦10,100
Premium Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦12,000
Top Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦6,400
BlueCrown Fish Feed 0.8 to 9 mm ₦10,500
Vital Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦7,100
Zeigler Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦12,000
Chi fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦6,200
Ace Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦6,400
Aqua Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦10,700
Crown Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦8,600
Prime Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦9,200
Vision Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦6,500
Mogbam Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦6,000
Aqualis Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦10,000
Tropical Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦2000
Topka fish feed 0.1 to 0.8 ₦3,500
Fish Food Flakes 80g container ₦7000
Aler Aqua Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦12,000
Skretting Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦10,500
Fish Feed Nutri Source 1 to 9 mm ₦10,000
Optimum fish feed 1 to 9 mm ₦19,500
Aquarium Fish Feed 1 to 9 mm ₦4,000
Gemma Wean Feed for hatching 0.1 to 0.8 ₦28,000
Ecofloat fish feed 0.2 – 0.8 mm ₦7,000
Jonah fish feed 0.2 – 0.8 mm ₦10,600

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