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For Sale: Price of Snail Slime per kg, litre in Nigeria

For Sale: Price of Snail Slime per kg, litre in Nigeria

As the market rush for the externally secreted mucus by Snails called Slime continues to intensify internationally due to its increased adoption in the beauty and make-up industries, cosmetics and the likes, sellers all over the world are tasked with meeting up with supply demands of buyers on their waiting list.

Suffice it to point out that a Snail produces little quantity of this slime. Nevertheless, Snail slime has become a top export commodity with huge economic benefits that is exported on a large scale from one country to another. This is usually done with the help of a machine known as snail slime extractor. The cost of this machine depends greatly on its capacity, however the wholesale price ranges from $1,440 to $80,000. Going forward, Snail slime is a very expensive commodity and the market is worth over 360 million US dollars globally.

Although other countries like Kenya, India, etc are also into production of snail slime, that of Nigeria is the very clean, pure and well-preserved. The current price of snail slime in Nigeria is ₦10,000 per kg. A liter of snail slime in Nigeria is ₦120,000 naira. The truth is that it will require farmers to kill about 100 jumbo snails to produce a litre of snail slime. In case you want to import a well-preserved, clean and pure snail slime from Nigeria, contact MU-IMMACULATE AGRO SUPPLIERS with [email protected] for your international supplies. They are highly tested and trusted, hence recommended.

Price of snail slime per liter

Pic: Jumbo size African giant snail

However, there are natural ways of extracting slime from snails. A jumbo sized African giant snail secretes about one ml of slime when alive, It produces about 10 ml when killed. The good news is that you don’t need to kill a snail to extract its slime.

Snails naturally secrete slime in three conditions

  1. When stressed
  2. When agitated
  3. When hydrated.

Snail Slime Price per kg in Nigeria

 Quantity (kg) Amount
1 ₦50,000
5 ₦250,000
10 ₦500,000
20 ₦1,000,000

Snail Slime Price per litre in Nigeria

 Quantity (litre) Amount
1 ₦570,000
5 ₦2,850,000
10 ₦5,700,000
20 ₦11,400,000

Uses/Benefits of snail slime

Snail slime contains antioxidant properties which is very good for human skin. This is the reason it has very high demand in the cosmetic industry. Snail slime is also known as snail saliva, and it’s very good for the skin. Below are some of it’s benefits or uses.

  1. It’s used to manufacture high quality cosmetics.
  2. Ability to stimulate collagen production
  3. Ability to enhance healing of wound.
  4. Snail slime softens the skin and makes it look younger and also eradicates scratches and skin infections.
  5. It reduces ageing, stretch marks
  6. It is used in the treatment of Acne

The Slime in Snails aids them in crawling. They discharge slime as they crawl. Secondly, it also helps them to soften hard food, when they want to eat something that’s not wet or hard, they hydrate it first with their slime.

Utmost care should be taken to avoid Dogs from coming in contact with these Slime. This is because the slime contains lung worms which can be easily contracted by dogs when it swallows the slime. Once the slime has been extracted, preserve it using a Refrigerator.

Snail Slime Dealers in Nigeria

There are a few trusted commercial-scale snail slime dealers in Nigeria. For that, BetaPrices recommends MU-IMMACULATE AGRO SUPPLIERS with CAC Reg. No. BN 2576034 and head office located at No. 40B Olaiya Street Agbara/Morogbo off Lagos Badagry Expressway. Official Email is [email protected] and official phone number is +2347038408983. The company specializes in supply of agricultural produce. They export snails (live and processed). They also deal on snail slime.

Originally posted 2022-12-20 01:34:14.

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  1. good day, please what’s the current price of snail slime and snail slime powder for sale globally

  2. Hi Mu-Immaculate,

    I got to know that the African Snail 🐌 Slime is the best in the world and the most sought after.
    I can see Nigeria and Ghana having monopoly over the Slime if both countries or West African countries could cooperate and add value to the slime by producing the finished skin care products.
    The world will also chase this product just as Africans are importing the lotions from Europe and the Americas.

  3. Am from morocco Can any one help me to sell my product snail slim with good price

  4. &SAM: How much do people sell it in Morocco?

  5. Please get in touch if you guys have snail slime for sale, Thanks.

  6. Hi. I want to know how to keep snail gel slimey as mine turns into water overnight. I am a small farmers from S.A. and milk them by hand. Please help.

  7. Efuetlancha Clinton

    Efuetlancha Clinton is my name. I produce snail slime From Cameroon at 30 000 frs. Cheap right? Please i am looking for market to supply any amount of snail slime

  8. Silvain Njoya Ako

    I want to know how to process the snail slime into powder

  9. I am looking for snail slime, for cosmetic industry.

  10. Green snail production

    whatsapp me on this number if you need pure 100%snails slime powder and liquid +2347087352554

  11. Are there any snail slime buyers in Ghana. Please get in touch. Thanks.

  12. Thanks very much for the reach information on snail slime.
    You’ve inspired me to embrace the snail farming.

  13. Which company is buy snail slime if I want to sale my own.

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