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Price List: Cost of Poultry Feed in Nigeria 2021

Ever wondered how much 1 bag of Poultry feed now costs in the regional markets? The truth is that the cost of feeding for both man and animals is on the hike everyday, the more reason why you need to stay up to date with BetaPrices daily price updates. Notwithstanding, many farms in Nigeria raise and sell their broilers in just 6 weeks because they use good feed to ensure their birds are fed very well.

Proper feeding of poultry birds will quickly enhance their growth rate and give them meaningful weight. In feeding of broilers, it’s always advisable to put on light for them in the night and ensure they eat 24 hrs 7 days every week if you want them to grow faster and sell them at 6 weeks old. You can equally make use of Super grow if you want to get the best of results.

Generally, based on experience, the  best poultry feed today is Ultima. But New Hope Professional feed is the best poultry feed for broilers in Nigeria. If you cannot afford them, you may order for feed supply from other brands at cheaper rates. For layers, the best layers mash is New Hope feed. I have used it for long now. One good thing about the feed is that it ensures uniform growth of your birds.

The quantity of feed a chicken needs per day depends heavily on the age. As the day progresses, Layers or Broiler feed intake increases. For example, currently a Broiler eats approximately 1.2kg of starter from week 1 to week 4 and gains about 1.5 body weight. Then from week 5 to week 9, it’ll consume about 8.5kg of finisher feed and gains approximately about 4.5kg body weight. You can achieve better results by giving your birds pelleted feeds. The price of pellet poultry feeds and mash poultry feeds are all same irrespective of the company or brand.

Price list of Best Feeds in Nigeria

Price of 1 bag of Poultry feed in Nigeria
As at today, the average price of 25kg bag of Poultry feed in Nigeria is ₦6,000. Check the table below for detailed prices.

Feed Type Super Starter Starter
Ultima feed ₦7,100 ₦7,050
New Hope feed ₦8,050 ₦7,500
Chikun feed ₦6,500 ₦5,300
Top feed ₦6,200 ₦5,200
Animal care feed ₦7,500 ₦7,000
Livestock feed ₦6,000 ₦6,200
Vital feed ₦6,000 ₦5,500
Hybrid feed ₦6,500 ₦6,500
Cornerstone feed ₦6,500 ₦6,300
Breedwell feed ₦7,000 ₦6,500
New Hope Professional feed ₦8,050 ₦8,050

Feed Type Grower Finisher
Ultima feed ₦6,050 ₦7,800
New Hope feed ₦6,000 ₦7,500
Chikun feed ₦6,300 ₦6,500
Top feed ₦6,200 ₦6,200
Animal care feed ₦6,000 ₦7,000
Livestock feed ₦6,500 ₦6,100
Vital feed ₦4,800 ₦5,500
Hybrid feed ₦5,300 ₦6,500
Cornerstone feed ₦5,500 ₦6,300
Breedwell feed ₦5,000 ₦7,000
New Hope Professional feed ₦7,950 ₦7,950

Feed Type Layers mash
Ultima feed ₦5,500
New Hope feed ₦5,250
Chikun feed ₦5,500
Top feed ₦5,400
Animal care feed ₦5,500
Livestock feed ₦5,450
Vital feed ₦5000
Hybrid feed ₦5,700
Cornerstone feed ₦5,000
Breedwell feed ₦7,500

Poultry Feed Formula

Below is the best method of producing poultry feed yourself. When you use this formula, you’ll know that there is a very big difference. You’ll also save money for yourself because of the hike in feed ingredients. There are different methods of manually producing animal feeds, you can produce feeds with a mixture of Maize, Soyabean cake, Fish meal, PKC, Wheat offal, Bone meal, Lysine, Salt, Premix etc to make feeding cost much cheaper. For example, you can use the below formula to produce finisher feeds for your birds without KBC10.

This below feed supplements / feed ingredients for poultry feed formulation. This is for 1000kg (1 tonne).

  • Maize 390kg
  • PKC 165kg
  • Wheat offal 100kg
  • Fish meal 19.5kg
  • Bonemeal 45kg
  • Soya  250kg
  • Salt  4kg
  • Methionine 3kg
  • Lysine 3kg
  • Premix 2.5kg
  • Enzyme 0.2kg.

Feed Formulation

Below is the list of broiler feeds formula using KBC10 (Koudijs Broiler Concentrate 10%)

Starter feed

Feed Ingredient Quantity (kg)
Maize 600
Soya Beans Cake 275
KBC10 125

Grower feed

Feed Ingredient Quantity (kg)
Maize 650
Soya Beans Cake 250
KBC10 100

Finisher feed

Feed Ingredient Quantity (kg)
Maize 695
Soya Beans Cake 225
KBC10 80

Essential Feed Additives for Poultry Birds Diets

Feed additives is very important in poultry farming. It keeps the poultry birds healthy and good looking. Feed additives consist mainly of supplements that keeps the birds healthy. Additives are being added to their diets. Below are the list of poultry additives

  • Antioxidants ( This is important to increase the energy content. Fat or fish meal can be used)
  • Free flowing Agents (This is added to ensure the feeds do not pack down)
  • Pelleting Additives (This improves feed efficiency for some poultry species)
  • Feeding Enzymes ( This breaks down anti-nutritional factors, thereby increasing the potentials of many “Alternative grains”
  • Mold inhibitors or mycotoxin binders
  • Coccidiostats (This is added to feed suppliments to keep the coccidia at very low level to allow the birds to grow a resistance. It helps prevent coccidiosis.
  • Antibiotics (This is a very important feed additives in order to fight microbes)
  • Antibiotic Alternatives (This is an alternative to antibiotics. This is very good in promoting the good bacteria at higher levels than the bad ones)

How to use dry Pawpaw leaves to increase poultry broiler weight to 3kg from 6 weeks

Poultry Weight enhancer with dry Pawpaw leaf

It’s very rare to get this excellent result without a secret. Let me reveal that secret to you now. Do you know that protein increases the weight of birds? I’m not saying you should start spending money in buying expensive protein supplements like Fish meal etc. There’s something that is very common yet contains about 60% protein and increases the weight of the birds by more than 70% if properly used. That thing is dry Pawpaw leaves. Pawpaw leafs when dry, contains about 60% protein. All you need to do is to crush it into powder and mix 100 grams of it with a bag (25kg) of poultry feed, and your birds are good to go.

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