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Current Price of Tilapia Fish Feed in South Africa 2024

The different prices of  commercial tilapia fish feed in South Africa ranges from R424 to R590 for 25kg bags. The truth is that if you want to succeed as a fish farmer, you must adequately feed your fish with the correct particle sizes at every stage of their growth and equally provide your them with the correct nutritional value and quality to promote maximum, healthy growth.

In South Africa, there are different floaten feeds produced by different companies. The price of each brand of feed is depended on the crude protein content. for example some have 30%, 35% and 40%  crude protein. The higher the crude protein, the higher the prize.

Impact of Rising Fish Feed Prices.

The cost of feeding the fish is very much on the rise globally. The hike in floaten fish feed prices has adverse effects on the economy. For over 15 years now, since 2005, global feed ingredients such as maize, soybean meal, fish meal, corn and wheat and fish oils have witnessed tremendous hike in price, the increase in percentage in prices of the above listed commodities are 67%, 55%, 284% and 225% respectively while the major oils used in fish production has witnessed a price increase of 250%  (FOA, 2009)

The hike in prices of feed ingredients has also affected the price of fish per kg globally. The price of fish feed globally has witnessed more than 300% increase since 2005 across the globe. This has an adverse effect on world economy and therefore raising the cost of feeding.

Commercial Feed Prices in South Africa

Commercial feed prices in South Africa ranges from R424 to R590. A fish feed for fry powder with 45% protein in South Africa is R590, also a fry fish feed crumble with same 45% crude protein is R590. A starter crumble with 45% protein has same price of R590 and a starter crumble with 45% protein is also R590. A 2 mm pellets with 40% crude protein is R526 while a grower fish feed with 35% protein is R458. Finisher 5 mm pellets having about 30% protein goes for R424.

Tilapia & Cichlid Fish Feed 3 mm Grower

A 2.5 kg of tilapia feed with 35% protein costs R75 while a 5 kg of same costs R120. But there is another tilapia food with 30% protein, the price is R110.

Seabass Feed

Seabass fish feeds are high quality and expensive fish feeds. The crude protein ranges from 40 to 46% depending on the particle sizes. The higher the particle size, the lesser the crude protein. Crude fat contents ranges between 16 to 20%, NFE is between 1 to 17%, Ash(%) 9,6 8,3 8,4 8,4. It also contains different proportions of  Fibre, gross energy and digestible energy.

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