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Poultry Vaccine Prices in Nigeria 2023

The cost of different vaccines depends largely on the dosages. Different dosages have different prices. Poultry vaccination is a very important program that no farmer would want to neglect. Without proper vaccination, no birds would do well. The farmer will surely lose all his birds if not vaccinated. Proper vaccination increases the performance of the poultry birds. Below are the different types of vaccines in poultry

Vaccines for Broilers and Pullets

There are different kinds vaccines for the poultry birds. We have Lasota, gomboro, Fowlpox and Coccidiosis vaccines. The best vaccines for chickens are Lasota, Gomboro and Newcastle vaccines, and they’re the most commonly used ones. These vaccines have their respective dates on which they’re administered. When a broiler/pullet is properly vaccinated, the immune system of that particular bird builds a resistance against the disease it was vaccinated for. For example, when you administer La sota vaccines (1st and 2nd) the bird’s immune system builds a resistance against Newcastle disease.

Lasota Vaccine

This is the vaccine given to the birds at the 8th day from day old. This vaccine is given to prevent Newcastle disease. This vaccine has different doses and the number of the birds will determine the particular dosage you’ll purchase. There are 100, 200, 500 and 1000 doses ­of lasota vaccine. Lasota Vaccine is repeated for the second time on the 21st day from day old.

Lasota Vaccine prices

Dose Current Price
100 dose ₦500
200 dose ₦700
500 dose ₦1,000
1,000 ₦1,200

Gomboro vaccine

This is the vaccine given to the birds on the 14th day from day old. This vaccine is administered to prevent Marek disease. Gomboro vaccine comes in 100, 200, 500 and 1000 doses. Gomboro vaccine is repeated on the 28th day from day old. The particular dose you’ll buy depends on the number of birds in your farm.

Gomboro Vaccine prices

Dose Current Price
100 dose ₦600
200 dose ₦900
500 dose ₦1,200
1,000 ₦1,700

Fowl Pox vaccine

Fowl pox vaccine is the vaccine given to poultry birds to prevent Fowl Pox disease. This vaccine is mostly given to pullets/layers. It’s usually administered on the 70th day or any day within the 10th week. The dosage, is also dependent on the number of your pullets/layers in the farm. Fowl Pox vaccine is normally given as injection at the wings of the fowl. Only experts who knows how to do it can administer it. Don’t do it if you haven’t done it before.

Fowl Pox Vaccine prices

Dose Current Price
100 dose ₦700
200 dose ₦900
500 dose ₦1,200
1,000 ₦1,900

ND IB Vaccines

ND IB K is a combined and activated form of the LaSota with strain of Newcastle disease virus and the Massachusetts strain of Infectious Bronchitis virus, which is usually homogenised with oil adjuvant and merthiolate as a preservative. ND vaccine contains the LaSota strain of Newcastle disease virus while IB vaccine is an inactivated combined vaccine for the immunization of chickens against Massachusetts strain of Infectious Bronchitis virus and Newcastle Disease.

The current price of ND IB vaccine ranges from ₦2,400 to ₦3,300

EDS Vaccine

EDS means “Egg Drop Syndrome” This is a very important vaccination program for the layers. This vaccine is being given to the layers from 19 to 20 weeks and above, but it should be given before the birds start laying. The vaccine helps pullets to start laying but the main function of this vaccine is to ensure elimination of sudden drop in egg production. EDS vaccines prolong the laying days of the pullets. The price of a single dose of EDS vaccine is ₦25. This implies that if you need 200 doses, the cost will be ₦5,000. 1000 doses of EDS Vaccine is ₦25,000. 100 dose of eds vaccine costs just ₦2,500.

Note: When going to buy any vaccine, make sure you go with your cooler or small freeze retainer in other not to break the cold chain.

Vaccination and Medication Schedule for Broilers, Pullets, Noilers and Layers in Nigeria

Days Programme Schedule
Day old Glucose
2 – 6 Antibiotics & Vitamin (Oxygen Vitality)
7 Ordinary water
8 First Lasota
9 – 11 Vitality (Vitalyte)
12 – 13 Ordinary water
14 First Gomboro
15 – 16 Vitamin
17 – 19 Anticocci (Embazin Forte)
20 Ordinary water
21 Second Lasota
22 – 23 Vitamin
24 – 26 Anticocci (Embazin Forte)
27 Ordinary water
28 Second Gomboro
29 – 31 Vitamin
32 – 36 Ordinary water
37 – 41 Tylodox extra
42 – 44 Vitamin
45 – 49 Anticocci
50 – 54 Ordinary water
55 – 59 Tylodox
60 – 62 Vitamin
63 – 69 Ordinary water
70 Fowl pox (Pullets injection)
71 – 75 Vitamin
76 – 80 Ordinary water

Source: MU-IMMACULATE AGRO CEO, Okara Mathew

In conclusion, it’s advisable to treat coxy every two weeks. This is because prevention they say is better than cure. Always make sure your pullets/layers receive full vaccination as at when due.



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    3weeks old…..N1,150
    1month old,….N1,650
    2months old…N1,800
    3months old…N2,500
    4months old…N3,000
    5months old…N4,500
    6months old…N5,500
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    4. Gumboro vaccine (400 dose)
    5. Fowl pox vaccine
    6. Fowl thyroid vaccine
    7. Multivitamins

    Please contact me on 07033711244 if you sell of have information of where I could buy in around Benue or in Lagos.

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