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Detailed Snail Farming Training

Are you thinking of starting a snail farm?, then you shouldn’t try to go into such a lucrative and delicate business without a mentor who’s into such business. Snail farming has rules you must follow if you really want to prosper in it. For example; snail farming has two different structures and systems. There are Extensive snail structures and Intensive Snail structures. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Extensive snail farm is cheaper to construct, it houses more snails and it’s not laborious. It’s a natural habitat for snails. But snails produce more eggs in Intensive than extensive. Intensive is more expensive to construct especially when you want to bring it to standard. This doesn’t mean there are no cheaper intensive structures, of course there are cheaper intensive structures but certain conditions must be met before using them. The success rate of any snail farm is determined by the structures. If the structure is well constructed, then be rest assured that the farm will do well with just a little effort applied. The former governor of Ekiti State in Nigeria has the biggest snail farm in Nigeria and Africa and second largest in the world, known as “Egbeja Snail Village” which is worth over 5 billion naira and covers a total land area of about 100,000 square meters which is estimated to house about 2.6 million snails for the production of snail slime for international market. During the training, you’ll learn many things ranging from

  • Construction of Pens
  • Creating a Conducive Environment for your Snails
  • Selection of good Breed-stock
  • Elimination of Soldier ants and other Snail Predators
  • Feeding of Snails
  • Types and Importance of Calcium
  • Formulation of Snail Concentrate
  • Snail Disease Management
  • Management and Hatching of Snail Eggs
  • Care of Baby Snails
  • Daily management of a Snail Farm
  • Routine Checking on the Progress of your farm
  • Marketing of your Snails

The training is done onsite and online. For those that can’t come to the farm, they either contact the farm manager on +2347038408983 (WhatsApp and Call) or [email protected]

The farm is Located at Mowo along Lagos Badagry Expressway.

Construction of Snail Pens

We have two different kinds of structures used in breeding snails. There are;

Extensive Snail Structures: This is also known as the “Natural Habitat” This type of structure gives snails freedom to move around from one place to the other in a confined environment. In this system, plants like coco-yam, plantain, water-leaf, banana etc are been planted right inside the pens. These plants protect the snails from direct hit of the rain and the rays of the sun.

Snail farming course online

Intensive snail structures: In this type of snail farm, snails do not move about freely like the extensive. This snail structure increases productivity in snails but tends to be very laborious because of the routine cleanup exercise. If this is not done, the snails would start dying.

Choosing Breed Stock

The best snail to start a snail farm is Achatina Marginata (only the jumbo specie) Marginata also has non-jumbo species.Don’t go for the non-jumbo species because the don’t grow fast and big. During the training, you’ll be taught how to identify the good species.The trainer can supply you if you wish to get from him.

Elimination of Soldier Ants and other Predators

Soldier ant is the major menace to snail farming. There are two different ways we can hinder or stop ants from entering into the farm through the surface. The first is by the use of condemned oil while the second is by creating a water channel round the snail pens. By this, crawling predators like ants can’t come in. Now the question is “how do we now prevent ants coming from the underground?” These underground ants are more dangerous because they come unawares. All these and many more would be taught during the training.

If you would like us to train you or you want to contract us to handle your snail farm, you can call or WhatsApp us on +2347038408983 or message us on [email protected]. Onsite training is 20,000 while online training is 15,000

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