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Cost of Layers Cage in Nigeria 2024

Cost of Layers Cage in Nigeria 2024

The year 2022 is in its second quarter, and a lot of people are already thinking of ways to up their game, or as the case might be, many are already doing things out of the box.

It is vivid the rate of agricultural revolution that has taken place in Nigeria despite the country’s poor run in economy. Many have involved themselves in poultry farming precisely, and it is undoubtedly one of the high earning businesses to venture into.

That’s that, but the main subject here is “what is the cost of layers’ cage in Nigeria right now?”. Together, we will be taking a brief overview on the price of cages for layers across Nigeria in this year, 2022.

But before that, we know that most of the eggs we consume daily, especially in Nigeria comes from layers, these chickens are raised basically for egg production, farmers in layers’ production are making a whole lot profit from it although it requires more input than broilers and maybe other forms of poultry farming.

These layers are often reared in cages, which comes in different forms and size depending on the capacity of the bird you have an interest in raising.

This article will be very helpful for those who intend on venturing into poultry farming, or those who are already poultry farmers and want to have more insight on the market prices of layers’ cage.

Now to it!

Cost Of Poultry Cages In Nigeria

But before you consider purchasing a cage, you have to put some factors into consideration. these factors are:

  • Size of your farm
  • Number of birds 
  • Facilities available 
  • Price of the cage

The price in Nigeria ranges from N75,000 to 250,000 (usually for the small number of birds) depending on the number of birds under an extensive system em of production.

 For an intensive system of production this may cost, you more because you need the service of a construction engineer and will cost up to N2,000,000 to N10,000,000 (Only for a large number of the birds) depending on the number of birds.

Fairly Used Poultry Cages For Sale In Nigeria

Buying fairly used cages tends to be cheaper than getting a new one but sometimes very risky because you don’t know the justification for the seller’s intentions.

But it’s less risk to farmers producing birds under the extensive system of production compare to farmers producing birds intensively. If you are producing birds intensively and you end up buying the cage you may run at loss due to maintenance and regular repairs. 

Although they are fairly used poultry cages they are flexible to use with low maintenance if you can’t afford a new cage, the price ranges from N30,000 to N85,000 per unit. A unit of a poultry cage houses 90birds. For farmers under an extensive system. For farmers under an intensive system of production, the price ranges from N500,000 to N6,000,000 depending on the farmer’s capacity.


Local Poultry Cage In Nigeria

Using of poultry cage is beneficial in a successful farming business because it helps in various ways.

  • Spread of disease. Raising poultry birds in cage reduce the spread of disease because the birds won’t feed on the same trough and also they can’t move around. this helps in decreasing the rate of disease occurrence.
  • Save space. they would be efficient space on the farm if the birds are kept in cages.
  • Easily handled. Lastly, these birds can be easily managed and handled by when they are in cages. they can be inspected, fed, and vaccinated easily.

These cage types are:

  • Brooding cage

brooding refers to care given to chicks as well as providing them with tender loving care (TLC). Brooding cages are used only to raise young chicks. For the chick’s tender care, the cage is created to meet the r requirement needed for brooding.

  • Grower cage

These cages are used to raise chicken that is grown but has not started laying. They are called “pullets”.the cages are provided with feed and water with proper ventilation which is very essential to their hygiene.

  • Layers cage

In addition, layers are producers of eggs we consume on daily basis mostly in some parts of Africa. their cages are more expensive than other poultry birds. they are provided with feed, water, egg nest, also proper ventilation. Constructing layers cage requires more expertise during creation.

Price Of Battery Cage in Nigeria

This is where most laying hen lives their lives.If you have the mindset of going into layer production, then battery cage is highly recommended for you to start your journey into layer production. This cages are well automated and comes in different size and models at an affordable price. The price ranges from N85,000 to N5,000,000 depending on the numbers of birds.

Chicken Cage For Sale in Lagos

Chicken cage in Lagos are always available in various model and design that suit your requirement. But many people ask online on daily basis that which reputable source can they get chicken cages in Lagos.

 You can buy from with as low as N75,000 and also from with as low as N50,000 to N60,000 and you will never regret buying. But some people prefer raising their birds on slattered floor.

Wooden Chicken Cagein Nigeria 

This cages are constructed using wood, wire net and zinc and polished which gives it a good look.this cages are used as multi-functional especially in the rural and semi urban areas of some African countries. Chickens and other birds can be housed in the wooden mostly known and has been in existence compare to the battery cage. 

Most houses in Nigeria has wooden cage which they use and are doing well. They are provided with feed, water and are vaccinated against disease when the need arises. Proper ventilation is present but disease can spread from one bird to another because they feed and drink from the same feeder.

Final Word 

Conclusively, Using poultry cage makes poultry farming more easily because it leads to management of funds and also reduce the spread of disease in the farm. If you really have enough funds to start, I highly recommend you purchase the battery cage, they are created in different designs and models.

Note: do not keep birds of the same age in same cage for any reason, because this can spread disease more rapidly.

Originally posted 2023-03-18 20:57:51.

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    Please I have galvanized layer cage for sale,I made it for my poultry but for some reason was never used,the cage can hold 90 birds, still be very new.

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